The 10 Best Gaming Chairs on Amazon

Best Gaming Chairs on Amazon

Amazon regularly attracts over 197 million monthly visitors according to 2020 data from BigCommerce. If you’re one of those visitors, then you might want to buy your next gaming chair from the retail giant. The only problem is you have so many options that you’re overwhelmed. You want only the best gaming chairs Amazon has to offer.

Whether you’re looking for a gaming chair of a certain color, style, or price point, there’s something on this list for everyone. Keep reading for detailed reviews of the best gaming chairs on Amazon as well as a buyer’s guide. You’ll soon be ready to buy a fantastic gaming chair on Amazon.

The 10 Best Gaming Chairs on Amazon

DXRacer Racing Series (Best Value)

Weight Capacity: 200 pounds

Price: $$

Let’s start this list with the DXRacer Racing Series, a gaming chair that I’m calling the best value. This chair is available for under $300, making it a great choice for a budget-conscious gamer. 

Measuring 19 inches by 18 inches by 51.5 inches, this gaming chair has a metal base with foam and leather details. The Racing Series chair can accommodate gamers of all shapes and sizes, such as those who are 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds, making it quite versatile. 

With 3D armrests, you can raise or lower the armrests according to how you like to play. The safety backrest has adjustments of 90 degrees to 135 degrees for sitting straight when you’re concentrating on gaming or when you’re reclining between sessions. The base swivels too, moving 360 degrees for customizable comfort.

DXRacer’s Racing Series chair features a tall backrest for ergonomic support of the hips, back, and head. The foam of this chair is shaped and molded for hours of use and the stretchy leather is both cozy and trendy. 

Also included with your purchase are lumbar and headrest cushions labeled DXRacer for more ergonomic support. When you want to raise or lower the seat, the Class-4 gas lift with BIFMA certification is safe and stable to use every time. Speaking of stability, the styled swivel casters with polyurethane bases can move all 360 degrees quietly and softly. 


  • Select from four color schemes for the DXRacer Racing Series chair, including black with white accents, black with red accents, black with gray accents, or all black.
  • DXRacer offers a lifetime warranty on the backrest and seat’s internal steel framing and another warranty on connected parts that’s good for two years.
  • You can make plenty of adjustments when using this gaming chair, including setting the height, large-angle adjustments, and tilting 135 degrees. 


  • Some users have complained this gaming chair is a bit stiff, but they definitely seem to be in the minority. 

GTRACING Gaming Chair (Best Budget Pick)

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Price: $

If you’re looking for a gaming chair with even greater weight capacity, I’d recommend the GTRACING Gaming Chair, which also happens to be my best budget pick. You’ll hardly believe the quality you get with this awesome gaming chair when you see its price tag! There’s no need to pinch yourself though, as you’re not dreaming.

The GTRACING chair is 21.26 inches wide, 20.86 inches long, and between 48.82 inches and 51.97 inches tall depending on how you adjust it. You also get quite a spacious sitting area that’s 19.68 inches wide by 16 inches long. 

You’ll find no shortage of adjustable features with the GTRACING gaming chair. You can swivel this chair 360 degrees, rock it, or recline it between 90 and 170 degrees. The seat height is also adjustable per the range in the last paragraph. 

This chair feels sturdy thanks to its tough metal framework. Padding throughout promotes your comfort while your body is supported by lumbar and headrest pillows. If you prefer using this gaming chair without the pillows, both are detachable. 

Five caster wheels in the color you select will roll with ease so you can scoot from one side of the room to another without getting up. With PU leather throughout and multi-colored accents, when you want to go on-stream, this is one gaming chair you’ll be proud to show off to your audience. 


  • The sporty red and black color scheme is eye-catching and will certainly appeal to gamers.
  • GTRACING logos on the pillows and the headrest tell everyone who your favorite gaming chair brand is.
  • The faux leather accents feel like the real deal but without the high price point.  


  • Users have had issues with the chair tilt feature not working as advertised. 

Herman Miller Embody (Best Premium Option)

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Price: $$$

If money is no object and you want one of the best chair brands on the market, that’s got to be Herman Miller. The Embody is appropriately my best premium option. 

This sleek gaming chair measures 28 inches by 28 inches by 24.5 inches. Herman Miller designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf came up with the concept of the Embody, which has a hidden spine with ribs called the Backfit that’s built right into the chair. This spine will support your own while moving with your body as you curve, twist, and contort in your chair. 

The Embody has four support layers atop the Backfit spine that serve different purposes. Some layers prioritize airflow, others shape and support, and more still comfort. The Pixelated Support with a pixel matrix gives you a floating feeling due to the balance in the design and construction of the Embody chair.

The golf ball-like dimpled look of the Embody might be simple, but with everything underneath that fabric, you know this chair is anything but. Proving that point further is the range of adjustments you can make when sitting on this Herman Miller chair. Those adjustments include shifting the armrests, seat depth, tilt, and more. 


  • If you want the best of the best in the world of office and gaming chairs, it doesn’t get much better than Herman Miller.
  • A large team of medical experts, including physical therapists and physicians, worked together to contribute to the construction of the Embody.
  • You can select from a great variety of fabric colors, including Twilight Rhythm (dark purple), Peacock Rhythm (dark teal), Mulberry Rhythm (maroon), Iris Rhythm (dark blue), Green Apple Rhythm, Charcoal Rhythm (gray), and Black Rhythm. 


  • The high price of the Herman Miller Embody leaves it outside of a lot of people’s price range for a gaming chair. 

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AKRacing Core Series EX (Best Fabric Gaming Chair)

Weight Capacity: 330 pounds 

Price: $$

For more information, check out our full AKRacing Gaming Chairs Review

A gaming chair that’s a lot more affordable is the AKRacing Core Series EX, which is an Amazon’s Choice product and also my pick for the best fabric gaming chair. This spacious chair has a back width of 21.25 inches, a back height of 32.75 inches, a 27-inch width, and a height of 5 feet, 3 inches to 6 feet, 3 inches.

Class 4 gas-lifts are built tough and help this chair raise and lower even if you’re at its max capacity, which is 330 pounds. You can recline pretty far, 180 degrees. The 3D armrests of this chair adjust from side to side, back and forth, or up and down. 

A sturdy metal base with five polyurethane caster wheels, each 2.5 inches, can transfer from hardwood to carpeting and other types of flooring without causing a ruckus. Atop the metal base is a cold-cured high-density foam that cradles your body. Also enhancing your supportive seating experience are your headrest and lumbar cushions, which you can of course remove should you want to. 


  • That you get three different ways to set the armrests means they’ll never get in your way when you’re gaming. 
  • The AKRacing Core Series EX’s metal coating is anti-corrosive for long-term use. 
  • A sleek black color scheme doesn’t go out of style. 


  • Some people who have tried this gaming chair complain that it’s not as comfortable as it could be. 

RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair (Best Chair with Footrest)

Weight Capacity: 275 pounds

Price: $

Yes, you can have a great gaming chair with a footrest without spending a fortune. Just take a look at the RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair. Now you can kick back and get into gaming mode or entertain your streaming audience and look like a king or queen while you’re doing it.

Contour support is built right into the 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, including armrests with faux leather padding and headrest and lumbar pillows you can adjust as you see fit. The footrest–the real star of the show here–is extendable for stretching your legs. Combined with the reclining control, you’ll feel so comfortable you might just be down for a little nap. Once you set the recline angle you like, make sure you lock it with the infinite angle lock feature.

The upholstered bonded leather is the real deal, and the steel tube framing beneath can support up to 275 pounds. Keep adjusting if you need it, swiveling 360 degrees or setting the recline to 155 degrees. RESPAWN segments the padding of their gaming chair for contouring and support. 


  • I think it’s worth mentioning again: the RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair has footrests!
  • You can pick from several sleek color schemes, among them black with red accents, black with white accents, black with purple accents, black with neon green accents, black with blue accents, or all black.
  • RESPAWN offers a limited lifetime warranty on its chair and says it has representative support available all year long. 


  • The lack of breathability is an issue for some gamers. 

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X Rocker Pro Series H3 (Best Floor Rocker)

Weight Capacity: 275 pounds

Price: $$

Do you like to rock? In your gaming chair, I mean. If so, then the X Rocker Pro Series H3 is one chair to have on your radar, as I’m declaring it the best floor rocker on Amazon. This sleek chair measures 29.13 inches by 22.05 inches by 20.87 inches with a metal and wood frame and padded vinyl. 

One look at the Pro Series H3 and you can tell this isn’t your average gaming chair. It includes gun-stock arms that can fold down if you want them out of the way while you focus on defeating the big boss in your game. Speakers built into the chair feature 4.1 audio as well as a subwoofer for creating a wall of sound that helps you further immerse yourself in your game.

The side panel is rife with outputs, including for personal headphones and input/output jacks. You also have bass control and volume settings here, and you can connect to your home theater or PlayStation or Xbox. 

Even though this chair has lots of smart features, it’s still ergonomic. The Pro Series H3 includes a headrest as well as support for your entire back so lounging, streaming, and gaming will feel great all day. 


  • The X Rocker Pro Series H3 has a vinyl exterior that wipes up quickly and easily. Keeping your gaming chair clean is no biggie.
  • Vibration motors within the chair sync up with the bass tones in your gaming or movies so you stay connected to what you’re playing or watching.
  • This chair is super high-tech, just like you as a gamer.


  • Some users have had issues with folding the chair. 

RESPAWN RSP-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner (Best Racing Recliner)

Weight Capacity: 275 pounds

Price: $$

Here’s another RESPAWN gaming chair, this time the RSP-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner. It’s my pick for the best racing recliner on Amazon, and at under $400, it’s within a reasonable budget for lots of gamers. 

This chair measures 44.88 inches tall, 30.71 inches wide, and 35.04 inches deep. The seat dimensions are 19.29 inches tall by 18.9 inches wide. Instead of steel, the RSP-900 has an iron base that allows it to support 275 pounds max.

Check the armrests, which are covered in real leather. The left armrest has a cup holder so you can keep your beverage of choice close at hand. Also connected to the armrests is a side pouch to stash spare controllers, remotes, and even a phone charger. This pouch comes off if you don’t need it at the moment.

Lean into the RSP-900, as its reclining feature swivels all 360 degrees. A footrest extension makes this gaming chair a standout. You also get a reclining feature that lets you lean back 135 degrees. 

The look of the RSP-900 is also noteworthy. It’s one seamless chair from the footrest to the headrest. This chair doesn’t use casters either. Still, you get support through padded segments and a headrest pillow bearing the RESPAWN logo. 


  • The RESPAWN RSP-900 has such a cool look that it really stands apart from the other chairs I’ve covered.
  • That you get a cup holder and a side pouch on the armrests are both nice touches.
  • This gaming chair comes in several cool colors, such as black with white accents, black with red accents, black with blue accents, or all black.


  • You cannot adjust the seat height, so make sure this chair isn’t too short for you if you’re thinking of buying it! 

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Homall Gaming Recliner Sofa (Best Sofa Recliner)

Weight Capacity: 265 pounds

Price: $

Yes, you read that right. The Homall Gaming Recliner Sofa is indeed a sofa, and not only that, but I think it’s the best sofa recliner for gamers on Amazon. It’s generously sized for gamers up to 265 pounds, with seat dimensions of 29.1 inches deep, 22.5 inches wide, and a seat height of 17.7 inches. The back dimensions are 29.1 inches tall by 20.9 inches wide. When fully open, this gaming recliner is 27.9 inches tall, 62.6 inches deep, and 27.6 inches wide. If you close it, the recliner compacts to 35.8 inches deep by 25.5 inches wide.

This sleek recliner boasts a side storage bag on either side for keeping your phone, gaming cords, or even a snack if you wanted. The headrest and lumbar support are built into the chair rather than as removable cushions, and both feature an awesome S-Racer logo. 

With its esports style, this redesigned gaming recliner has four feet that keep it secure wherever you decide to put it. A front footrest is adjustable so you can raise the footrest up a little, have it straight in front of you, or lower it completely. The single seat is even elastic for your comfort. You can also adjust this chair, including the backrest and footrest. Set both these features between 90 and 180 degrees.

The PU leather that covers this Homall gaming recliner features colorful accents throughout. Homall says the faux leather cleans up easily and doesn’t stick to your skin. Beneath the leather is a high-density, high-resilient thick sponge. 


  • Once you sit in a gaming recliner, you might never want to go back to the traditional gaming chair again.
  • Select from a black gaming recliner with red accents, blue accents, or white accents.
  • Non-marking pads beneath the feet keep your hard floors protected. 


  • Some users had issues with installation of this gaming sofa, especially the legs. 

Homall RGB Gaming Chair (Best RGB Gaming Chair)

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Price: $$

Get colorful with the Homall RGB Gaming Chair, which I’m calling the best RGB gaming chair on Amazon. The LED lights that surround the base of this chair will make watching you play the game as impressive as the gameplay itself. 

This chair measures 19.3 inches by 18 inches by 38 inches. An alloy steel frame with a five-star base is tough for hours of use. Memory foam padding covers the seat and backrest to accentuate your comfort. The PU leather and fabric panels are appealing and promote breathability where you need it. 

You can also adjust the Homall gaming chair this way and that, including a 360-degree swivel, armrest settings, an adjustable height, backrest recline, and tilting between 90 and 150 degrees with locking features. The gas-spring cylinders within this chair make those height adjustments quick so you can customize the fit of your chair while you’re playing.

The caster wheels, of which there are five, roll smoothly on carpet or hard flooring alike. The best feature by far in this Homall RGB Gaming Chair is the inclusion of LED lights. You’ll literally glow in the dark and brighten up any day when the lights are pulsing across the chair. The LEDs illuminate through a USB port, and you get a 3-foot cord for connecting to your computer or console. 


  • Set the LED lights your way with an included remote.
  • You can switch between stacking lamp mode, breathing lamp mode, rolling lamp mode, and static lamp mode. You can even adjust the LED brightness and speed with the remote. 
  • Cycle through 7 monocolor options and a combination of colors too.


  • Some users have a tough time pairing the chair with the remote. 

AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair (Best Pink Gaming Chair)

Weight Capacity: 330 pounds

Price: $$

The last gaming chair on Amazon I want to talk about today is the AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair, a top pick if you want a bubblegum pink chair. The chair features a seat that’s 20.08 inches deep by 22 inches wide and a backrest that’s 30 inches tall by 22.44 inches wide.  

This chair is more than just cute. You get a five-point base for the caster wheels, which are decorated with a Sakura pattern with white metal and pink accents. The Level-7 armrests can raise or lower as well as rotate sideways. They’re also covered so your arms stay warm in the colder months. You can set the armrests from a height of 11.41 inches to 15.35 inches. Recline the chair between 90 and 155 degrees, locking the recline at any point in between. Set the seat at 16.53 inches to 19.60 inches at a height that works for you. 

The bunny tail made of faux fur and included rabbit ears are adorbs accessories that really make your gaming chair stand out that much more. The rest of this AutoFull chair is covered in PU leather with memory foam beneath. Stay supported with a lumbar and head pillows you can detach. 


  • This chair is both highly functional and totally cute too.
  • The SGS4 gas springs meet international standards for safety.
  • AutoFull offers a warranty on this gaming chair that’s good for three years. 


  • Some users have said the pink PU leather can stain depending on the clothes you’re wearing. 

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How to Choose a Gaming Chair on Amazon (Buyer’s Guide)

You have a lot to chew on looking at these 10 great Amazon gaming chairs I just introduced to you. If you’re still mulling over your options, I recommend you read this buyer’s guide, as it will help you decide!

Here are some factors to weigh on as you make up your mind. 


What kind of design do you envision for your ideal gaming chair? If it’s a sleek, dark-colored chair, many of the options I covered fit that bill. Those include the DXRacer Racing Series, the GTRACING Gaming Chair, and the X Rocker Pro Series H3.

If you want a chair with a unique look, the AutoFull Pink Gaming Chair is one option to consider, as is the Herman Miller Embody and the Homall RGB Gaming Chair. Perhaps you’d rather have a recliner than a traditional gaming chair. In that case, you have to choose between the Homall Gaming Recliner Sofa or the RESPAWN RE-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner. 

Weight Capacity

Here’s a factor that will definitely limit your options. Depending on how much you weigh, you need a chair that can support at least that much weight. All the chairs on this list can hold more than 200 pounds, some even 300 pounds, so finding a chair that fits you shouldn’t be too difficult. 


Each chair on this list is comfortable with the inclusion of ergonomic cushions or built-in support. You can also recline and lock it so leaning back and relaxing is easy. Some of these gaming chairs even feature footrests to take sitting in the chair to the next level. 


The features that matter most to you should be top-of-mind as you choose your gaming chair. Some common features that you would expect on a gaming chair include lumbar support, footrests, built-in speakers, cupholders, rocking, and the like. 

Based on the features you most prioritize, selecting your gaming chair from that point becomes a lot simpler.  


I’m sure you have a budget in mind for a gaming chair. It’s okay if you’re outside of that budget by maybe $50, but you don’t want to stray too far. This means shopping very carefully.


It helps if your gaming chair is protected under a warranty, whether that’s a multi-year warranty or even a limited lifetime warranty. Although you hope your chair will never break, if a part comes off or stops working, your warranty would cover the cost of repairs or replacement. That’s nice peace of mind to have. 

Recap of the Best Gaming Chairs on Amazon

Gaming ChairBest For
DXRacer Racing SeriesBest Value
GTRACING Gaming ChairBest Budget Pick
Herman Miller EmbodyBest Premium Option
AKRacing Core Series EXBest Fabric
RESPAWN 110 Best With Footrest
X Rocker Pro Series H3Best Floor Rocker
RESPAWN RSP-900 Best Racing Recliner
Homall Gaming Recliner SofaBest Sofa Recliner
Homall RGB Gaming ChairBest RGB Gaming Chair
AutoFull Pink Gaming ChairBest Pink Gaming Chair


If you’re looking for an epic gaming chair, you can find it on Amazon. The 10 gaming chairs I covered today run the price and style gamut so you have plenty of options. I hope you find your next gaming chair from this list! 

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