DXRacer Gaming Chair Review & Buyer’s Guide

Best DXRacer Gaming Chairs

Having the proper gaming equipment is essential for comfortably playing long hours and enhancing the gaming experience. One of the must-haves for gamers is a quality gaming chair.

An excellent gaming computer chair fits your body size and personal posture enabling you to sit comfortably and ergonomically. 

A good gaming chair enables better blood flow, which relieves your muscles and joints, especially in your neck and lower back. One of the leading gaming chair brands is DXRacer.

DXRacer chairs are professionally and ergonomically designed for improved comfort and to make gamers more efficient. 

In this article, we’ll go over the features and benefits, share their best models, and breakdown the complete buyer’s guide to finding the right DXRacer gaming chair for you. 

Their brand is globally recognized, selling in major continents such as North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, the Pacific, South America, and Africa.

However, DXRacer has its headquarters residing in Michigan, US. DX has built its brand by building an outstanding reputation among gamers. One way they’ve been able to do so is by actively sponsoring large-scale gaming tournaments and teams. 

For example, they sponsored the 2014 Major League Gaming, 2015 World Cyber Arena, and the 2015 LCK League Summer Games. Additionally, they sponsor professional gaming teams such as Ninjas inPyjamas, Natus Vincere, and SK telecom. DXRacer takes pride in using the highest quality materials available. Their chairs consist of a heavy metal frame, memory foam seating, and an exterior PU-leather. 

DXRacer Gaming Chair Features & Benefits

To kick off this DXRacer gaming chair review, let’s first discuss some of its major features and benefits to help you decide if it deserves a spot in your gaming setup.

Stylish Racing Design

There’s something about sitting down in an aesthetic gaming chair that helps build confidence. DXRacer gaming chairs were inspired by design from racing car seats. Just like a face car, you’ll find flashy, bold colors that stripe down the vehicle. 

The racer design typically uses bold colors to accent the chair, followed by a black background color. 

Its colors are usually accented throughout the chair’s padding from the sides of the head pillows, to its arms rest and down to its legs. DXRacer has dozens of colors and designs to choose from to fit any office environment. 

The racing design makes you feel like you’re inside an actual race car, which only encourages you to stay laser-focused. 

3D Adjustable Arms

Most DXRacer gaming chair models come with either 3D or 4D adjustable arms. A 3D arm is adjustable in three dimensions. Although they cannot move left and right, it can adjust by forwards and backward, height, and sideway angle. 

In contrast, a 4D adjustable arm can adjust by height, left and right, forwards and back, and sideways angle. Some gaming models can even adjust back from a 45-degree angle to 90 degrees, as a space-saving mechanism—these adjustable armrests aids in helping users adjust their chairs according to their size and height. 

When playing, you need to ensure the arm height and wrists are parallel with your desk or keyboard to enhance your gameplay. Ensuring that the armrests are correctly adjusted helps you to prevent shoulder, and neck strains, by reducing the pressure on these parts. An armrest that is too tight causes you to raise your shoulder, which leads to shoulder strains and chronic back problems. 

On the other hand, an armrest that is too low causes you to slouch forward to overcompensate for the lack of arm support. Armrests should also be width adjustable. Elbows should be under your shoulders. If the armrests are too wide, it causes discomfort and requires more movement during gameplay. 

A narrow armrest will make you feel constrained and restricted. Most of the DXRacer chairs can be adjusted up to 4 inches or more in width. 

Large Angle Recline

Many of the DXRacer models can recline up to 135 degrees to suit your needs. It typically includes a tension spring enabling a relaxed or firm rocking. 

However, depending on the model that you purchase, you’ll notice either a conventional or a multi-functional tilt mechanism. The conventional mechanism of tilt works by rotating the knob below the seat to adjust how much tension is used and gives the chair the ability to recline back and forth. 

Furthermore, the conventional mechanism allows the seat recline to lock at a certain angle. With the multi-functional tilt mechanism, there are two levers.

One works precisely like the conventional tilt mechanism. The other lever can flipping down, locking the bucket seat at several different angles, such as between 0 and 15 degrees. This feature helps prevent excessive rocking and forces you to stay upright, especially when you need to focus. 

Having a reclining feature helps to relieve pain and improve posture. Reclining your angle helps to alleviate pressure points on your muscles and joints. 

Moving in different directions helps improve blood circulation, assisting all areas of pain, including your arm, neck, back, and leg.

The most important part about the reclining feature is that it encourages users to break by not staying sedentary in one position. It helps to rest muscles from their legs, neck, and back from time to time. Taking breaks and relaxing helps to improve productivity. 

Supportive Molded Foam

A supportive molded foam is an essential part of improving the comfort of a gaming chair. DXRacer chairs primarily use a high density molded form for all of its chairs. This foam helps with the ergonomics of the chair by molding to its user’s body. When standing, the foam will return to its original shape. 

The great part of this type of foam is that it doesn’t lose its shape or gets flat for a long time. The higher the density of this foam, the more comfort it provides, and longer it will last. You’ll find a varying degree of foam density in their chairs. 

For example, the Valkyrie and Racing series contains 50 kg/m3 of foam density, while the Tank and Sentinel series contains 52 kg/m3. Typically, the higher the foam density, the greater it’s weight capacity. 

This molded foam was first adopted in the automotive industry and has been touted as the best supportive cushioning for people who sit for a long time. Molded foam provides increased firmness. 

Many studies have found that the more firm a seat is, the more comfortable it is.

Molded foam is much more durable than traditional block foam since it molds into the person’s shape. Additionally, the manufacturing process of creating a molded foam cushion is more environmentally friendly due to a reduction in wastage. 

Memory foam reduces pressure on your spine, hips, and coccyx, legs, and buttocks, which are parts that take on the most pressure while sitting. This pressure decreases blood flow and may cause pain or strain to your spine. Molded memory foam is designed to improve circulation and posture. It also has an insulating structure that helps store body heat, which is helpful for people who like to turn on the AC in their office. ,

Lumbar Cushion and Headrest Pillow

When sitting all day, people tend to begin slouching forward and bending their neck forward due to the discomfort keeping your head and back upright. All of the DXRacer gaming chairs include an adjustable and removable lumbar cushion and head pillow. A lumbar cushion comes in handy to help you keep an upright posture. 

By keeping an upright posture, it keeps your spine aligned. Lumbar support pillows aid users by preventing chronic back pain by reducing muscle fatigue. It’s muscle fatigue that causes us to revert to slouching and poor posture habits. It’s important for individuals with back pain or chronic back problems to have a lumbar cushion on your chair. 

Having a headrest pillow is additional support to ensure proper posture and alignment. Chairs that have a fitted headrest has shown to have a positive effect compared to chairs without one. 

Headrest pillows prevent people from scrunching their shoulders and hunching forward. Bad neck alignment can cause neck pain, pinched nerves, and tightness in their shoulders or upper back. A headrest pillow corrects your neck and head position to look straight ahead instead of hunching down. 

Another advantage of having a headrest pillow is being able to take a nice break from gaming. With an adjustable headrest, it’s easy for you to take a short nap while you lean back. These short breaks can help you feel energized so you can win more games! 

The Best DXRacer Gaming Chair Models Compared

Since gaming chairs are not a “one size fits all” DXRacer has several models of gaming chairs with different design elements based on the your size. Here’s an in-depth review of each DXRacer gaming model to help you decide which is right for you.

DXRacer Formula and Racing Series

Weight Capacity: 225 lbs 

Price: $

If you’re an average-sized or small person and you’re looking for an affordable option, the DXRacer Formula and Racing Series is an excellent option to choose from. This chair comes with a high back covering the entire length of your back to support your back, neck, and head.

Additionally, this significantly reduces the effect of sitting for long periods. And if you need to take a break from gaming, this chair enables you to lean far back up to 135 degrees.

It also has removable lumbar support cushions and headrest to ensure comfort. Unfortunately, the angle of the armrest can’t be adjusted; however, it is height adjustable. This comes extremely handy to position your arms and wrists for the perfect position for gameplay. 

One of the great aspects of this chair is its mixture of both PU leather and mesh material. This offers the best of both worlds.

The PU leather prevents possibly spills from staining the chair, while the mesh is scratch resistant and gives extra airflow to your body.

There are 11 colors to select from with two a beautiful racer two-tone design as far as design options. This means that the chair will likely match any office or home decor.

The chair also comes with an extremely generous warranty period of two years to cover any manufacturing or factory defects. Considering its price, quality material, and overall functionality, we think the Formula Series is one of the market’s best gaming chairs. 


  • High-quality materials and design
  • Breathable mesh helps keep you cool 
  • Support cushions help you to sit with your spine and neck in alignment 
  • Classic racing style design 
  • Very affordable price without sacrificing quality 


  • Rocking function is slightly stiff 

DXRacer King and Valkyrie Series

Weight Capacity: 275 lbs 

Price: $$

The DXRacer King and Valkyrie Series are excellent mid-sized gaming chairs with a more heavy-duty aluminum construction than the Formula Series.

One of the unique features that separate it from the previous chair series is its footrests to kick your feet up to relax.

This also helps to relieve the pressure on your feet, especially when sitting for long periods. It has an ergonomic design that contours to your body and include a bonus lumbar support and headrest cushion for complete comfort.

They are fully removable and adjustable so that you can place them wherever is most comfortable for you. It includes a high backrest so that there are proper spine and neck support to prevent slouching. 

Just like the Formula series, the King and Valkyrie use a strong mesh and smooth PU leather vinyl cover to regulate temperatures while using it.

The mesh material is designed and strategically placed down from the upper to lower back to prevent sweating in all areas. It’s PU leather material makes it easy to clean, while extra soft to sit on.

The King series has five color options, and the Valkyrie has 3 color options, making it easy to find the right design and option to match your gaming space.

Lastly, it has the property tilt mechanism so that you can adjust to the proper angle, whether you need to focus on gameplay or looking to rock your chair back. 


  • Smooth reclining feature to sit at your desired angle
  • PU leather material makes it easy to clean 
  • Backrest is high and includes a head pillow for nice head and neck support 
  • 360-degree swivel base and casters are easy to roll 
  • Excellent lumbar and lower back support 


  • Armrests are a little hard and not lockable 

DXRacer Sentinel and Tank Series

Weight Capacity: 400 lbs 

Price: $$$

For taller and bigger individuals, the DXRacer Sentinel and Tank Series is the right option for you.

Although they are one of the more expensive gaming chairs in the market, they are also one of their biggest and sturdiest ones.

In the Tank Series, the dimensions are 20.5 inches deep, 21 inches wide, has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, and supports a height of up to 6 feet 6 inches tall. However, don’t let the size fool you. It also comes with a lot of neat features.

Unlike the other Series, these have adjustable armrests in four directions to protect wrists and shoulders. These chairs are built with stable and sturdy aluminum base and steel frames with PU leather covering, and high-density cold cure foam batting. 

The memory foam material helps to relieve pressure on the back and lower body by providing body-hugging support.

Memory foam is an intelligent choice for individuals who sit for long hours and especially ideal for people who suffer from back problems. Its seat cushion is supportive and frim with a thickness of 4.5 inches. Their 3-inch casters are floor-friendly and silent when rolling, so you won’t bother your roommates or damage your floors. 

These chairs can recline up to 120 degrees with its heavy duty tilt mechanism, so you can lean back when needed. These series come with a 24-month warranty on the parts and lifetime warranty on their frame. 


  • Large and wide base helps support big and tall individuals 
  • Assembly is quick and easy 
  • Aesthetic and classic racing design 
  • Head and lumbar pillow includes for comfortable seating 
  • Able to adjust the back angle and arms for perfect positioning


  • Material isn’t very breathable 

Choosing the Best DXRacer Gaming Chair for You (Buyer’s Guide) 

Now if you’ve made it this far into this DXRacer review, then it’s safe to assume that you’re interested in purchasing one.

If you still don’t know which DXRacer model is the perfect fit for your needs, then here are some factors that you’ll want to look at when choosing one.

Weight Capacity

The worst thing you can do is choose a chair that can’t support your weight. There are several types of bases that you may find when you’re looking at DXRacer chairs.

First, you must understand the difference between the aluminum bases versus nylon bases. Aluminum bases are stronger and designed to hold more weight. Nylon bases are suitable for lighter and smaller people. Aluminum bases have a shiny finish, while nylon bases have a matte finish. 

However, there are also a few aluminum bases to choose from: inlaid color bar base, narrow aluminum base, and wide aluminum base. The wide aluminum base is the biggest and strongest to support the maximum weight.

That’s why the Classic, Iron, Boss, King and Tank series use a wide aluminum base. They also use bigger 3 inch PU casters to support the wider base. With a huge base and steel or metal frame, you can be assured that you wouldn’t fall backward while tilting back. 

Upholstery Material (PU Leather Vs Mesh)

Most gaming chairs come with PU leather because it provides a sleek and aesthetic look. Real leather is extremely expensive and hard to find. PU leather is an artificial material that gives off the luxurious feel of the leather and can easily be molded into various color combinations.

This material can also be easily cleaned by wiping the chair with a liquid spray. However, the problem with PU leather is that it traps heat when the body touches the surface. This means that the leather isn’t very breathable, which causes sweating. 

In contrast, mesh material is a thinner fabric that enables airflow, making the material breathable because it doesn’t hold heat. Mesh fabric is ideal for individuals who use a chair in warmer spaces or frequently sweat.

However, the mesh material problem is that cleaning can be quite difficult and can easily collect dust. Food and drink spills can also lead to stains, and excessive sweating can cause residual effects, so more maintenance is required. 

Fortunately, the DXRacer gaming chair uses for soft and durable PU leather along with mesh material. Most chairs use PU leather to provide a firm and sleek design that gives the DXRacer an attractive appeal.

However, their designers have strategically placed a breathable mesh material shaped like a trapezoid on the upper and mid-back section to allow airflow, keeping you cool while sitting. 

For more information, check out our full guide on the Best Mesh Gaming Chairs


Having a sturdy and comfortable gaming chair isn’t enough. It also has to gel with your aesthetic tastes. One of the most attractive qualities of the DXRacer gaming chair it’s in flamboyant racer designs.

These chairs come with a variety of colors and designs so that they can fit with your home setting. Overall, you notice that many of the chairs often look like the inside of a race car. 

Besides just the aesthetic design of the chair, also keep in mind its chair design. The design of the DXRacer gaming chairs has similar design functionalities to executive chairs.

Look for how the chair is designed in terms of high-back rest, height, and chair width. These chairs are designed with a five-pointed wheelbase, adjustable armrests, a tilt-back, and a full back seat. You’ll also find two openings near the headrest for better airflow.  

Ask yourself if the chair’s shape fits well with your back. Some chairs are designed more ergonomically that better contours to the shape of your body. Some of them are shaped wider to give you more room to work with.

Color Options

Most of the DXRacer gaming chairs come in either one or two colors on black. So you may find an array of colorful colors such as Violet on Black, White on Black, Green on Black, Blue on Black, etc.

When deciding the color for your gaming chair, you may want to match your room’s vibe and consider how the colors will make you feel. Vibrant colors tend to bring enthusiasm to your environment. Bright colors like yellow and green tend to bring extra positivity and energy.

Colors such as white and blue have a calming effect. They also match with very modern office spaces. However, these colors are much easier to stain and clean up, while black is easy to maintain. 

Many of the color options are accented on the outer or inner portion of the chair. What makes these chairs so attractive is their strategic placement of the colors and bold color options, making them extremely modern and futuristic looking.

When sitting in these chairs, you almost feel like a professional gamer. This, in turn, builds confidence and leads to better gameplay. Overall, these color options help to compliment the neon radiance of your gaming computer. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Much Does a DXRacer Cost?

On the lower end of the spectrum, the DXRacer Gaming chair costs about $289, especially ones with the conventional mesh material. Some of their more expensive versions can cost about $599.

These are typical ones for big and tall guys that have an extended weight capacity. On their website, you’ll find that most of the DXRacer gaming chairs cost about $289, $369, or $469. However, there is one DXRacer Extra Life customized chair that costs $5,000. 

Are DXRacer Chairs Worth It?

For people who spend hours gaming, or need a comfy and appealing chair for their home office, the DXRacer is worth the cost. It’s the price that is very modest when compared to other gaming chairs without sacrificing quality.

These chairs are comfortable, ergonomic, and durable, making them one of the most affordable gaming chairs in the market. One of the surprising things about the DXRacer brand is that all of their chairs include quality materials no matter their price. For example, every chair has a steel frame.

Investing in a DXRacer gaming chair can go a long way to maintaining or improving your long-term health. For individuals with chronic back, neck, or shoulder problems, these chairs are a must-have to correct your posture and alleviate pain. 

Where Can You Buy a DXRacer Chair?

DXRacer gaming chairs can be purchased primarily on their official website, where they have a full catalog of their branded chairs to choose from.

However, global resellers sell them, such as Staples, Amazon, Walmart, and other big retailers. Be careful not to purchase them from small third party sites as they could be potential knock-offs. 


There are dozens of DXRacer gaming chairs to choose from. That’s why it’s important to know what you’re looking for in a gaming chair and whether or not it will support your needs. First, it’s best to break down the chair’s weight capacity and size to fit your specific body needs. Then think about the functions you’ll need such as proper back support, reclining functions, thicker memory foam padding, etc.

Once you’ve handled your necessities, you can choose from their wide array of color schemes and designs to fit your gaming environment. We hope you’ve found this comprehensive DXRacer gaming chair review and buyer’s guide helpful in enhancing your gaming experience. 

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