RESPAWN Gaming Chairs Review & Buyer’s Guide

RESPAWN Gaming Chairs Review

Whether you’re looking for a gaming chair to look cool or feel comfortable, Respawn has quickly become one of the market’s leading brands. Since the rise of eSports, many gamers have flashed their fancy gaming chairs and promoted their favorite brands. 

Respawn is unique for its sleek race car design, affordable pricing, and ergonomic features. This brand features various chairs, including PC gaming chairs, console gaming chairs, big and tall chairs, and rockers. We’ll cover the best Respawn gaming chairs and provide a buyer’s guide to choosing the right one. 

RESPAWN Gaming Chair Features Review

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RESPAWN is a top gaming chair brand that is specifically designed with hardcore gamers and content creators in mind. Their diverse line of chairs are stylish, comfortable, and affordable, making them a great option for most people.

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Build Quality

With a gaming chair priced low, it can be quite rare to find chairs that are made of high-quality material. The Respawn gaming chairs include several features to ensure the durability of the chair. Some of their chairs use a bonded leather material to provide a comfortable experience while also looking aesthetically appealing. 

Bonded leather isn’t the most durable material; however, it is less likely to peel, flake, or get scratched since it’s stitched together. Under normal conditions, bonded leather should last at least two to three years. Their chair frames are made from a robust alloy steel material and have a five-point base for long-lasting durability. The Respawn gaming chairs have segmented padding material used for their backrests and seating cushion. The segmented padding contours to your body reducing the pressure placed on your back and buttocks. This adds to the comfort of the chair, especially when sitting for a long time. 

Their chairs also include a soft PU leather headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion. These pillows are adjustable so that you can position the pillow exactly where it feels most comfortable. If you’re looking to recline into a resting position, the headrest pillow becomes very useful for taking breaks or naps. 

In addition, some of their chairs even offer an extendable footrest. Having your feet in a stationary sitting position can put a lot of stress on your legs, knees, and thighs. Kick your feet up on their padded footrest cushions whenever you desire. 


Sitting on a chair without adjustments just doesn’t feel right. Every person has specific needs to ensure they feel comfortable and achieve high performance. The basic Respawn models offer standard adjustment features that are necessary for every user. But their higher-end chairs include more advanced adjustments available. 

All of their chairs have adjustments for seat height, armrests, and recliner. Some of their newer models, such as the Respawn 200 and 300, offer a seat-depth adjustment along with a rocking function with a tilt lock. Consider whether or not you need the additional adjustments necessary for you. For example, 4D armrests allow you to adjust the angle of your armrests so that you can ensure your arms are in the perfect position for your keyboard. The positioning of your arms reduces strain in your neck and shoulders while also decreasing the chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome. Adjusting the seat depth helps users of all heights maintain proper back support and helps accommodate their upper leg length. 


Respawn chairs range from about $180 to $330. Compared to other gaming chairs with similar features, they’re much more affordable. Most gaming chairs can range from $250 to $400, while premium build models can be priced over $500. Their chairs typically use more economically friendly materials such as PU leather, an artificial leather that provides similar benefits to real leather. This allows the price to be significantly lower. 


The Respawn offers a limited lifetime warranty to all of its products. The warranty promises that the gaming chairs are free from defects in workmanship and original material. There are a few exceptions to the warranty, which includes: 

  • Normal wear and tear, since it is expected to wear down over time 
  • Damages from the shipping carrier
  • Damages from unauthorized repair, alteration, storage, abuse, misuse, natural causes, or other reasons outside of the seller’s control
  • Two-year warranty limit on the chair’s fabric and materials

In addition, their chairs come with a 30-day return policy. 

RESPAWN Gaming Chairs Review Highlights

In 2017, an American furniture manufacturer named OFM launched the Respawn brand to create affordable gaming chairs that are unique and comfortable to sit on for gamers. Here are the common pros and cons of the Respawn chairs. 


  • Reclines at least up to 130 degrees and comes with 2D armrest adjustments or more 
  • All chairs come with a lifetime warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee 
  • Most Respawn chairs are affordable compared to other gaming chairs 
  • Made with a molded foam padding for enhanced comfort
  • Made with PU leather or mesh material
  • All chairs have a sleek race car themed design to help gamers get in the zone
  • Available in many colors  


  • Typically unable to adjust lumbar support 
  • Doesn’t recline as far as other high-end gaming or office chairs 
  • Some chairs are designed for smaller and slender individuals 

The Best RESPAWN Gaming Chair Models Compared

RESPAWN RSP-900 – Best Recliner Gaming Chair

Best Recliner
RESPAWN RSP 900 Racing Recliner

The RESPAWN RSP 900 is a high-end racing style gaming chair. It features a pedestal reclining design suited for hardcore or relaxed casual gamers.

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01/22/2021 04:17 am GMT

Do you prefer playing console games? The Respawn RSP-900 is a console-style gaming chair that sits lower to the floor, making it ideal for viewing television screens. Although the RSP-900 has fewer adjustability features than PC gaming chairs, it feels much more comfortable to sit. The experience is similar to sitting in a cinema. A thick padded cushion surrounds the entire chair, including the armrests, backrest, seat cushion, and footrest. With the RSP-900, you get a convenient cup holder and a side pouch to hold your drinks and store any small items. 

This chair acts as an excellent recliner and rocking chair. Gamers can recline backward up to 135 degrees while also rocking back and forth despite being in a locked position. Gamers can take a break and relax by laying back on their seat and kicking up with feet on the footrests. The footrest is extendable to accommodate individuals with longer legs. 


  • Includes a built-in cup holder and a removable side pouch 
  • Comes with a very soft and plush footrest
  • Segmented padding and headrest pillow for enhanced comfort 
  • Pedestal base provides sturdy support
  • Has a chair weight capacity of 275 lbs 


  • Unable to recline as far back as a conventional gaming chair 

RESPAWN Specter – Best Mesh Ergonomic Chair

Best Mesh Ergonomic Chair

The RESPAWN specter is RESPAWN's take on a mesh office style task chair rather than the traditional racing style gaming chair. It has a sleek modern look and the mesh design is excellent for breathability and ergonomic support.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

Gaming chairs don’t always have to be a fancy race car seat. The Respawn Specter boasts a mesh back and seats with an adjustable polyurethane headrest. It’s mesh material shifts and stretches to your body weight to provide the right amount of support that your body needs. The seat has a waterfall edge design with a cushion underneath to give your thighs additional support. 

Their lever also allows you to shift the chair backward or forwards to lower the pressure on the back of your knees and thighs. Besides having 3D armrests, it’s also removable for space-saving purposes. If you have a large desktop space, you can remove the armrests and rest your arms on the desk. Its full mesh design helps to provide ventilation in all areas, so the heat never builds up. Most gaming chairs limit the height of a person. However, the Specter can adjust to people of different heights. The seat slider adjusts the seat’s depth to ensure that your back rests against the chair and your feet are flat on the ground. 


  • The low-profile design stands out compared to gaudy, garnish chairs 
  • Extremely comfortable seating with a breathable cooling mesh 
  • Includes a 3D armrest to adjust your arm height position perfectly 
  • The headrest is made of PU leather to provide a soft and comfortable feeling
  • Mesh back contours to your body 


  • Integrated lumbar support isn’t adjustable 

RESPAWN RSP-100 – Budget Pick

Budget Pick

The RESPAWN RSP-100 is an excellent budget racing style gaming chair the offers a stylish design with various color options, lumbar support, headrest pillow, adjustable armrests and reclining features.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

The Respawn 100 is their most budget-friendly option and is the most classic racing style gaming chair. This chair is made from bonded leather for a sleek and professional look. It comes in various colors such as white, grey, blue, green, red, purple, and black. RSP-100 has all of the essentials you need for a gaming chair. 

The chair has a thick molded foam seat cushion that contours to your body to ensure enough support and comfort to where you need it most. Mold foam cushions help reduce pressure on your body, improve your posture, reduce pain, and improve circulation. The improvement in circulation and posture helps gamers to improve their concentration. With the RSP-100, users can adjust the seat height, armrests, recline up to 130 degrees and have a full 360-degree swivel rotation. In addition, you get the standard adjustable headrest pillow and lumbar support to provide much-needed support to your lower back and neck. 


  • Offers seven different color options to choose from 
  • Very sleek race car-style theme design 
  • Comes an array of adjustabilities like armrests, height, and recliner 
  • Molded padded foam seating for soft and comfortable seating 
  • Uses steel tube frame for durability


  • Bonded leather may cause heat to build up while sitting 

RESPAWN RSP-200 – Best Value

Best Value

The RESPAWN RSP-200 gaming chair features an innovative design combining stylish PU-leather upholstery, that you would expect from a normal racing style gaming chair, with a mesh back to keep you cool during intense gaming sessions.

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01/22/2021 10:21 am GMT

Given its outstanding features and low price, the Respawn RSP-200 is one of the best starter and intermediate chairs in the market. It offers adjustability features that support a healthy sitting posture. Despite its price point, the RSP-200 compares to some of the mid-tier and high-end gaming chairs. 

What makes this chair stand out above the other Respawn chairs is its combination of PU leather and mesh material. Rarely do chairs use both materials. The mesh fabric is used on the seatback to provide a cooling system that prevents gamers from sweating profusely. Warm seats are one of the main reasons that cause discomfort when sitting for long periods. 

The other features are nearly identical to the RSP-100. It includes a recline feature ranging up to 130 degrees and a 2D armrest to adjust the depth and depth. Most chairs within this price range use a plastic frame, however, this chair is built with a dynamic steel tube frame construction to ensure durability. 


  • Sleek race-car design that looks futuristic 
  • Contoured segmented padding makes sitting comfortably for long hours 
  • The chair is height adjustable and includes an infinite lock 
  • Recline ranges from 90 to 130 degrees 


  • No padding for their armrests

RESPAWN RSP-110 – Best Gaming Chair with a Footrest

Budget Pick
RESPAWN 110 Gaming Chair

If you're looking a racing style gaming chair with a footrest, then the RESPAWN 110 is one of the best options out there. Excellent quality at an affordable price.

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01/22/2021 04:17 am GMT

Taking breaks is a crucial aspect of ensuring good health, especially when it gives comes to working long hours or playing games. The RSP-110 offers a padded extendable footrest for users to kick their feet up and take a break every now and then. Ergonomic footrests enhance comfort when seated for long stints. They allow gamers to change positions by shifting weight and reducing back strain. Footrests help reduce fatigue, align posture and ease discomfort in a person’s ankles, feet, thighs, and knees. Since their footrests are extendable, it works well for people of different heights. 

The other aspects of the RSP-110 mimic the 100 models. It includes a lumbar cushion and headrest pillow to help reduce strains on your spine, back, and neck area. Without a lumbar cushion, gamers tend to slouch forward, which leads to an array of chronic problems. Similar to the other gaming chairs, there are a variety of color options to choose from. This includes red, black, blue, green, forest camo, grey, pink, purple, and white. 

The 110 does upgrade its reclining range up to 155 degrees, allowing users to lay low and take a nap when needed. Also it differentiates itself from the 100 models because the 110 has thick padded armrests. 


  • Includes a padded extendable footrests 
  • Comes with a soft PU leather headrest pillow and lumbar support cushion 
  • Reclining feature up to 155 degrees and a tilt lock 
  • The armrest is padded and soft 
  • Very affordable gaming chair 


  • Need a leather cleaner to remove strong odor once the chair is unboxed 

RESPAWN-400 – Best Gaming Chair for Big and Tall People

Best for Big & Tall People

The RESPAWN RSP-400 is an excellent racing style gaming chair designed for big and tall individuals. It has a sturdy design that can support up to 400lbs.

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Finding the right chair for big fellas can be quite a challenge. This chair resembles the RSP-100 model, except its proportions are much larger. Respawn advertises their weight limit to be 400 pounds. It also has a much wider seat and larger lumbar and headrest pillows. Overall, users are getting a very spacious and roomy seating option so they can open up their body while gaming. 

Similar to the 100, users have a recline feature of up to 130 degrees and an infinite angle lock, so users can control the angle that best suits you. Most people don’t sit comfortably at a 90 degree angle. The right angle usually falls between 100 to 110 degrees. The Respawn 400 includes 3D armrests allowing users to adjust the height, width and depth.

Sturdiness and durability also factor in, especially with big and tall chairs. The chair is built from a five-point metal base with standard casters for smooth rolling on both carpet and hardwood flooring. This is a huge step up from the previous models of chairs made from a hardened plastic base, which are more prone to falling apart. 


  • Has a 400-lb weight capacity 
  • Very wide seat and high backrest ideal for big and tall people 
  • Reclining angle up to 130 degrees and tilt lock 
  • Sturdy base and frame 
  • Includes a soft headrest pillow and wide lumbar cushion


  • Soft thread leather material isn’t breathable 

Choosing the Best RESPAWN Gaming Chair for You (Buyer’s Guide)

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RESPAWN is a top gaming chair brand that is specifically designed with hardcore gamers and content creators in mind. Their diverse line of chairs are stylish, comfortable, and affordable, making them a great option for most people.

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With exception to their latest model Respawn Specter, their gaming chairs are designed with a race car themed design. The chairs model a similar look to the insides of a high-end sports car. Investing in a sleek and high-end looking chair helps by boosting the psychology of a gamer. It improves their confidence and helps users stay locked into the game. Whenever you invest in a shiny new toy, you tend to treat it with care and respect. Those who own a race car design chair tend to take gaming much more seriously. 

Weight Capacity

Ever sit on a chair that is just too small for you? Many first-time gaming chair buyers tend to purchase a gaming chair only to find that it’s too small for their size. For example, the Respawn 100 and the 110 are designed for individuals who weigh up to 270 pounds and range between 5’5 to 5’9. For individuals who are 5’10 or taller, we recommend going for the Respawn 200, 300, or 400. The Respawn 200 and 300 also have a weight capacity of 300 pounds, while the 400 has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. Sitting on a chair that cannot withstand the weight of a person can wear down the materials quickly and cause the base or frame to weaken. 

Upholstery Material (PU Leather Vs. Mesh)

Some gamers prefer PU leather because of its soft texture and nice bouncy cushion, while others prefer a flexible mesh material that keeps you cool. Luckily, the Respawn brand offers a handful of options for PU leather, mesh material, and a combination of both. 

When it comes to PU leather, there are a handful of advantages. PU leather provides a glossy, sleek look similar to genuine leather and is quite easy to clean. It’s generally liquid resistant and can be dried off using a washcloth. With crumbs, you can simply use a vacuum or a brush to sweep it off. PU leather typically is quite durable and will last at least five to ten years. Also, this material is cheaper to make and usually comes in many different color options. It also provides a softer and smoother feel when sitting compared to other materials. 

In contrast, mesh materials allow airflow to pass through, meaning users feel much cooler. Fabric and faux leather chairs tend to retain heat. As your chair becomes warmer, it becomes extremely comfortable to sit on. In addition, mesh chairs are much more flexible and will contour to fit the curves of your back. This helps support your back and neck, preventing pain and correcting bad posture. For those who prefer a more comfortable seating option, choose a PU leather gaming chair. Individuals who value ergonomics and staying cool should purchase a chair with a mesh back. 


Respawn chairs are one of the most affordable options available in the market. The Respawn 110 can be found online for under $150. On the other hand, it’s big and tall version costs about $260 to $350. We recommend finding chairs that fit your budget, but also serve all of your client needs. 


Are RESPAWN Gaming Chairs Good?

Despite the low price, Respawn gaming chairs are made with high-quality materials, stylish designs, supportive ergonomics and are comfortable to sit on for long periods. Anytime you buy a gaming chair, functionality always comes first. The Respawn chairs come with segmented padding throughout their chairs to enhance comfort and evenly distribute pressure throughout your body. Most of their seating options have the necessary adjustments like armrests, seat height, and recliner. 

What is the Best RESPAWN Gaming Chair?

Choosing the best RESPAWN gaming chair will ultimately depend on your personal preferences and use cases. However, After thoroughly testing all of the Respawn chairs, we believe that the Respawn 200 is the best gaming chair from their product line. The chair combines both PU leather and mesh material, so you get the best of both worlds. It’s flexible mesh fabric reduces all of the pressure points to relieve back pain, while the seat cushion is thickly padded to keep your tush feeling comfy. 

How Long Should a Gaming Chair Last?

Gaming chairs that are produced from reputable brands typically last between one to five years. Some of the more expensive gaming chairs can last 12 years! Keep in mind cheap gaming chairs might last you only a year. Before purchasing any chair, make sure to review the manufacturer’s claims about how long the chair will last and research the materials that the chair is built with.

Are Gaming Chairs Bad for Posture?

Besides being just a comfortable seating option, gaming chairs are designed to support your neck, back, legs, arms, hips, and shoulders. Most gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to correct bad posture. They are often designed with a curvature to fit a person’s spine and include a lumbar cushion to keep your back straight. These chairs typically have a high backrest and headrest pillow to reduce neck strain and keep your head in a leveled position. Overall gaming chairs are great for posture and reducing pain from poor posture. 

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