The 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chairs Under $200

Best Office Chairs Under 200

Having a high-quality ergonomic chair is an essential part of enjoying your workday and being productive. The problem is that ergonomic chairs that look aesthetic and have all the necessary ergonomic features are usually quite expensive! 

Since most people sit on them all day, it’s not worth compromising what you need. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best ergonomic office chairs under $200 so you can enjoy a comfy office chair to work without forking over a fortune. 

These chairs provide ergonomic features to keep your back and neck healthy while maintaining style, and comfort for a long day of work. This comprehensive guide will help anyone looking to find an affordable and high-quality office chair. 

Our Picks for The Best Office Chairs Under $200

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Here are our top picks for the best ergonomic office chairs under$200:

  1. AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Office Chair
  2. Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair
  3. RESPAWN RSP-110 Reclining Ergonomic Gaming Chair
  4. Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair
  5. GTRACING Gaming Chair 
  6. Homall Racing Style Gaming and Office Chair
  7. Smugdesk Faux Leather Ergonomic Office Chair
  8. Office Star High Back Office Chair
  9. BestOffice Big & Tall Mesh Office Chair
  10. Funria Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

AmazonBasics High-Back, Leather Executive Office Chair

If you’re looking for a sleek executive style office chair under $200, you can’t go wrong with this one.

This AmazonBasics executive chair offers premium comfort with this bonded black leather material and PVC upholstery. 

This PVC creates a supple and smooth upholstery which covers the contoured back and seats cushion. Both the seat and armrests are densely padded with a soft feel, so you can sit on this chair for hours for all-day comfort. 

This chair keeps your body properly aligned and back supported with it’s butterfly seat plate, curved contours, and adjustable settings. 

The height can be adjusted from 41.34 to 45.08 inches by simply pulling the lever beneath the chair. 

If you want to lean back and relax, you can use it’s tilt-tension knob to rock back and forth. Whether you’re on smooth floors or carpet, the chair has a built-in 360-degree nylon casters for smooth rolling around your office or to another meeting room. This chair comes in either black, white or brown to match your office setup. 

It’s ideal for most individuals because it has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. We love how sturdy the chair is and definitely feels like sitting on a throne. I definitely recommend this model if you’re someone who wants a sleek office chair with soft cushions to help you feel comfortable all-day long. 


  • Cushioning feels comfortable and lasts a long time 
  • Good wheels, easy to roll around 
  • Wide seats, great for people of all sizes
  • Easy to install, instructions are very straightforward 


  • Arm rests are stubby and a bit too far down for tall individuals
  • Screw covers fall out easily 

Staples Hyken Technical Mesh Task Chair

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For those who work from home or need an affordable high-quality gaming chair, you can’t go wrong with the Hyken chair from Staples. 

This chair comes in three colors which are charcoal gray, red, and black. It is an all mesh chair with heavy duty plastic as the framing and can support up to an advertised 275 pounds. 

Additionally, it comes with a variety of adjustments such as tilt tension, seat height adjustment, adjustable arms made out of a hardened rubber like material, adjustable headrests, and adjustable lumbar. 

A lumbar support can be great however, it may sit differently with each individual depending on your height. This chair allows you to have an adjustable lumbar support so it fits in where it’s most comfortable to you. 

Their tilt lock feature comes extremely handy when you want to switch to a new seating position. If the lock is disengaged, it won’t just snap back like most other office chairs. Instead it has a safety mechanism which requires you to tilt back first to then glide back to the desired position. 

If you’re someone who sweats a lot from sitting all day or likes to feel cool when working, the full mesh back really does the trick. 

Although this chair doesn’t quite have the aesthetic appeal as the gaming racer chairs or the executive leather upholstered ones, it gets the job done and allows you to feel cool and comfortable for long hours.

In fact, it’s advertised to support up to 10 hours of seating per day. If you’re looking for an office chair under $200, your main factor you should prioritize is comfort. At this price range, you shouldn’t expect amazing adjustability or design features.


  • Extremely comfortable and sturdy 
  • Great for those who telework, suitable to sit for up to 10 hours
  • Adjustable arms and reclining back 
  • Supports up to 275 lbs


  • Headrest has very limited vertical adjustment

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RESPAWN RSP-110 Reclining Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Individuals who love to livestream or play video games will love the Respawn RSP-100 reclining ergonomic gaming chair. 

With many famous gamers live streaming their gameplay, racer-design gaming chairs have become a real trend nowadays. 

This style of chair comes in 11 different variations including black, blue, forest camo, gray, green, omega-xi, raven-xi, pink, purple, red, white, and skull-trooper-v. These chairs offer advanced ergonomic features like their segmented padded design that specifically contours to where you need it the most. 

One of the best parts about this chair that makes it stand above the rest is it’s extendable footrests. Planting your feet on the floor can make your feet feel tired. With the footrest, you can adjust the length to fit both tall and short individuals. 

As a gamer, you know the importance of using your mouse and keyboards. This chair has an extra padded armrest so that you can bring your A-game. 

It provides all around comfort with it’s lumbar support pillow, and adjustable headrest to prevent back and neck pains from sitting for too long. You can easily adjust to your desired position by using it’s reclining feature which is able to recline from 90 to 150 degrees. Once you’ve found your position, lock it in and enjoy! 


  • Able to reline and lock into position between 90 to 155 degrees 
  • Seats up to 275 lbs and comes with sleek bonded leather upholstery 
  • Comfortable seating with contoured support, lumbar support pillows, padded armrests and headrests 
  • Easy to move around with 360 degrees of swivel rotation for dynamic movement 


  • Leg rest feels flimsy at times and drops a bit when using it

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

The Hbada office chair is one of the most uniquely designed ones in the market. This chair offers features that aren’t found in most office chairs. 

For example, it has arms that can flip up, so that you can tuck your chair underneath the desk giving your office much more space. Mid-back is the most susceptible to sweat, which is why this chair is specifically designed with a mid back black mesh. 

This mesh is incredibly flexible, and supportive giving your back wiggle room. It’s backrest isn’t just a straight flat back either. Instead it is designed with a contoured nature S curve for your lower back to avoid spinal pain. 

Of course, you’ll find this chair with both height adjustment and tilt tension knobs. It’s height adjustment knob can be adjusted from 17.7 inches to 21.2 inches and has a 90 to 120 degrees tilt tension. 

For added comfort, the chair offers a really soft thicker flat seat cushion and high density foam. One of the features I like about this chair is how the wheels are silent, so you won’t hear a sound when rolling it across the floor. 

Their manufacturers made it with a durable heavy duty base to handle up to 250 pounds. Overall, I find this chair to check all of the right boxes in terms of comfort, price point, and easy to use. 


  • Supports up to 250 lbs 
  • Easy to assemble and instructions are straight forward 
  • Able to flip arms up and tuck the chair under desk to save space 
  • Back is breathable and supports lower back firmly 
  • Adjustable height for people who are taller or shorter than average 


  • Arhigh-qualitylittle low and not quite at the desk height at highest position 

GTRACING Gaming Chair 

Another great option for gamers is the Gtracing chair. This chair is made with high-quality faux leather for long-lasting durability and includes two padding pillows. 

The pillows are conveniently placed on the top for headrests and bottom for lumbar support, so that you can sit back and enjoy yourself while playing your favorite video games. Both pillows are removable in case you don’t need it or want to add your own pillows. This faux artificial leather is really practical and easy to clean. 

Most chairs can only tilt about 120 degrees back, but this one has a tilting feature of up to 170 degrees, so you can lean far back. 

Both of it’s armrests and seat-height are adjustable, so you can sit at your ideal height position. When sitting on this chair, we could really feel how it’s heavy-duty base provides great stability, so you feel like the chair wouldn’t fall over if you lean far back.

This chair has a weight capacity of 300 pounds with very wide seating dimensions. There are smooth-rolling casters, so you can easily move your chair from one room to the next. Although it is advertised as a gaming chair, it’s extremely modern and elegant making this suitable for studying or working as well. 


  • Seat-height and headrest adjustable with 90 to 170 degrees of reclining angle and 360 degree swivel 
  • Offers excellent comfort and support with it’s seat cushion, and smooth PU leather
  • Sleek modern black and red racing design, ideal for gaming, working or studying 
  • Ideal for gaming, working or studying 
  • Easy to clean artificial leather 


  • Slightly difficult to move the wheels on the carpet when sitting in the chair 

Homall Racing Style Gaming and Office Chair

The Homall racing style gaming chairs is one of the most affordable high-quality chairs we’ve seen in the market.

Most chairs of this ilk will easily cost $500 or more! This chair comes in 6 different color patterns which are green, gray, black, cyan, black and white, black and red, and black and blue. 

Personally my favorite color is the black and white because it looks very much like the inside of a race car! The design fits into the style of a really modern, and elegant design. Similar to other racing gaming chairs, you’ll find a small headrest pillow and a larger lumbar support pillow. This chair has the ideal level of softness that you need in a gaming chair. 

It has a very supportive, yet soft molded foam, so that you feel comfortable but also stable when sitting. Furthermore, the material is a PU leather making this skin-friendly and water resistant. 

No matter the size of an individual, this chair will suit you because it has a very high back with plenty of adjustments, and a weight capacity of 300 pounds. It’s recline feature has an outstanding range of 90 degrees to 180 degrees, with a silent rocking function so you can rock back and forth. 


  • Supports up to 300 lbs, ideal for people of all heights and sizes
  • Easy to assemble, takes about 30 minutes
  • Includes head and lumbar cushion for added comfort 
  • Able to rock back and forth with adjustable knob
  • Easy to move around with color caster wheels 


  • The arm rest is not adjustable

Smugdesk Faux Leather Ergonomic Office Chair

This Smudgedesk faux leather office chair is quite the unique option, but is excellent for working and studying. When first trying this chair, what stood out to me is it’s three adjustment levers.

Each handle serves its own purpose and are all conveniently located underneath the chair. 

There is a reclining function, seat height adjustment and armrest adjustment. It’s seat height adjusts from 44.7 to 48.4 inches. Although the chair can only recline up to 125 degrees, it’s still good enough to lay back. 

The lever helps to unlock and lock the desired position. There’s alos a light locking mode so that you may swing back and forth. The back isn’t simply one straight line of padding. Instead it has a three-degree served seat that specifically compliments the curvature of a human body. 

After trying out many chairs, I’ve found this to be one of the softest leather chairs in the market. It has high density cushions on the seat and back, along with a very comfortable lumbar padding to relieve the pressure of your upper legs and hips. 

Overall, I’m very impressed by it’s comfortability and functionality. It can withstand up to 280 pounds due to it’s sturdy heavy-duty base. 


  • Offers excellent lower back support with high-density cushions 
  • Manually change reclining angles and lock in for desired seating position 
  • Easy to assemble in under 30 minutes 
  • Made of bonding leather for long lasting use 


  • No separate or adjustable headrests 

Office Star High Back Office Chair

If you’re someone who hates sitting on a chair with hard surfaces because it makes your bottoms sore, then you need to check this Pro Line II Managers Chair. 

At first glance, you’ll notice that this chair has an incredibly thick seated cushion to relieve tension off your lower body. It’s even contoured to shape your bottom which caves inward for maximum comfort. 

You can choose between a high-back or mid-back support depending on your needs. Personally, I like the mid-back support because it helps my body at the upright position. 

However, a taller individual might want the higher back to better support their neck and head. 

This chair is specifically created to fit individuals of all shapes and sizes. It has a nifty one-touch pressurized control to enable you to fine-tune it’s seat depth, seat tilt, arm rest, and seat height, so you can sit exactly what feels right to you. 

One of the cool things about this manufacturer is that they are greenguard certified. This certification means that the chair was created with low chemical emissions, which promotes indoor air quality, and reduces exposure to chemicals. For it’s price, you really can’t go wrong with this chair and you’ll enjoy all of it’s handy features. 


  • Back mesh provides ample lower and mid-back support 
  • Casters are silky smooth and move with ease 
  • Extremely dense seat cushion with plenty of give and comfort 
  • Lots of adjustments available like the front to back, arm rest, seat angle, back rest, etc.


  • Arm rests are fairly hard plastic 

BestOffice Big & Tall Mesh Office Chair

It’s hard to find a better seating option than this BestOffice chair. It offers a completely innovative breathable ProGrid Back that has a built-in lumbar support.

The back of the chair has a tri-base to keep the back sturdy and it’s mesh material feels quite cool and breathable. It’s outer material is incredibly soft and also eco-friendly. 

The seat cushion is made of nylon and an eco-leather which is both comfortable and friendly to the environment. We love this high-back chair because it suits big and tall individuals. The high back helps support the shoulder, neck and head area keeping your posture straight. 

There are seat slider functions and an adjustable tilt tension so you can recline backward as needed. This chair comes with 5 smooth and silent casters so you can roll around your office or different rooms without making those annoying squeaky sounds. Overall, we find this chair to be simple, elegant, but gets the job done due to its multifaceted nature. 


  • Assembly is easy and straightforward 
  • Multiple adjustments that lock-in place 
  • Seat cushion is comfortable
  • Built well and sturdy 


  • Minimal lumbar support 

Funria Mid Back Mesh Office Chair 

The Funria Mid Back office chair is one of the most ergonomic chairs that we’ve seen in the market. This chair is suited for individuals who have chronic or existing back problems and people who want to prevent these problems from occurring. 

Chronic problems typically occur from bad posture or seating positions that repeat over time. If you’re someone who sits on uncomfortable chairs and may overcompensate with bad posture. 

This chair has an S-shaped backrest with a high density mesh to reduce pressure on your spine, enhance comfort, and fit the curvature of your spine. This built-in lumbar support makes it comfortable on your lower back and encourages you to sit upright. 

Even the seat is curved in a way that takes pressure off of your legs, improves circulation and makes it comfortable. The seat is made from a high resilience foam cushion that is safe to the environment, while being both transformation and abrasion resistant. This means you can expect the seat to not be worn down for a long time and won’t change into a different shape. 

It also has padded flip up arms so you can conveniently tuck your chair in under a desk to save space. The arm rest is thickly padded, but feels like a sponge, so you can work at your computer with additional comfort. Personally, I find the survature of the back and seat to be extremely unique and great for your health. 


  • Seat padding feels soft, yet supportive and firm
  • Assembly only takes about 20 minutes 
  • Mesh is tight, and has a slight bouncy feel 
  • Great lumbar support for those with back problems 


  • Fabric on the armrests and seat feel a bit rough on the skin 

How to Choose the Best Office Chair Under $200 – A Complete Buyer’s Guide 


Ergonomics in an office chair means that the chair is specifically designed for a range of people to sit on for their work environment. Chairs should have adjustable features to enhance your comfort level while sitting. 

A chair that is ergonomically designed aims to provide the property support for a person’s weight, posture, and lumbar while sitting. 

This type of chair will protect you from physical pain or injuries that arise from bad sitting posture, and encourages you to sit in the right seating position. An ergonomic chair will provide ample back and neck rest to reduce the risks of stiffness in shoulders and neck. 

Build Quality

The build quality of a chair is a critical component to ensure that your chair will last you a long time. Typically you want to look for a sturdy, and high-quality steel frame on your chair, since steel is very durable. When it comes to office chairs, you’ll find a variety of seating materials available such as fabric, vinyl, mesh, leather, faux leather, wood, and plastic. 

They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. 

Fabric materials are usually knitted or woven. They offer an attractive appeal and great comfortability. However, the drawback is that it is quite susceptible to spills. Vinyl chairs are easy to clean and durable. They also offer a myriad of textures and softness levels. 

The downside is that it’s not very breathable, and may feel uncomfortably warm at times. Mesh chairs are a common material used in office chairs. They offer superb breathability and open up the airflow to reach the body. The problem is that it may not distribute the body weight of an individual as well as fabrics. 

This makes it less comfortable in the long run. A leather chair will offer a prestigious feel, and timeless elegance. It’s the ideal seating luxury, but that comes with a hefty price tag. Leather must be kept out of sunlight or it may tarnish. This material requires upkeep to preserve it’s beauty such as regular cleaning. 

Wood office chairs are quite uncommon, but they still exist. Wood chairs are very durable, offer great back support, and keep their shape for a long time. 

The problem with wood chairs is that they may feel uncomfortable when sitting on them for long hours. Plastic office chairs are designed for resilience, and affordability. The problem is they don’t last long because of it’s cheap material and require frequent replacements. 

Comfort (seat comfort, back comfort, arm comfort)

There are three major components that make up the comfort of an office chair: the chair seat, back, and arm. The chair is the most crucial feature of an upholstered office chair because it will support a person’s weight. 

The feel of the seat should be soft, yet offer a firm support. If the seat sinks too much while sitting, you’ll struggle to get up off the chair. If it’s too hard to sit on, you’ll only be able to sit on it for a short time. 

The angle of the chair should be in which your thighs are perpendicular to the floor. When sitting you don’t want your knees to point up or down. For taller individuals, choose a seat with a greater depth that can adjust for the length of your legs. 

There are different preferences when it comes to determining the length of chair back you’d want. Chair backs are low or high, but are primarily there to provide lumbar support to your lower back. Some individuals may want higher backs to receive head and neck support. 

There are two types of feel for backs which are tight covers or loose cushions. Loose cushions make the chair feel cozier or more comfortable to lounge in, while tight covers provide a firm feel. 

Arms are nice to have but aren’t always necessary. Chair arms give you the ability to rest your arms for better relaxation. These arms are usually upholstered and made of hard metal or wood. It’s best to find one with extra padding and adjustability so you can rest your arms at the right height. 


Seat adjustability plays a huge factor in the overall ergonomics of a chair. Adjustability allows you to comfortably maneuver the chair to the right seating position. There are eight different adjustments that all office chairs must have. 

These include: the seat height adjustment, seat pan depth adjustment, backrest height adjustment, back angle adjustment, arm support adjustment, back tilt tension, headrest adjustment, and quality casters. 

A seat height adjustment ideally should be adjustable to place a person’s knees above their hips, while having their legs rest comfortably on the floor. The seat pan depth adjustment enables you to adjust the depth of your chair to a quarter inch between the back of your knees and the edge of your set. 

This helps support blood flow in both of your legs. This adjustment is crucial in preventing a person from deep vein thrombosis which stems from a lack of blood flow. 

When it comes to optimum support for your back, the backrest height adjustment feature allows you to adjust the back part of your chair in different directions. 

This puts less strain on your back, so you can have a healthy spine and devoid of back problems. Sitting in the same posture for long periods can put undue pressure on your spine. Ergonomic chairs combat this by including the back angle adjustment. Tilt the chair into a position that’s favorable to your comfort.  

Arm support should be both width and height adjustable to enable a person to place their arms in their most comfortable position when typing. 

Chairs without arm support causes discomfort and strains in your arms for extensively stretching it in awkward positions for typing. Headrest adjustments are nice-to-haves that help to prevent neck stiffness by supporting your head and neck in an upright position. 


Today there are many options of chair designs that adapt to the needs of the work environment. Each type of office chair is designed of a specific goal. Some of the most popular office chairs are ergonomic chairs, drafting chairs, executive office chairs, leather office chairs, mesh office chairs, sit stand chairs, and big and tall chairs

Ergonomic chairs are designed to support your spine, neck, and shoulders while sitting on it. When buying a new chair, ensure that it offers high backrest for appropriate neck support, and sufficient lumbar support. 

Executive office chairs are typically designed for company executives that need to have a grand appearance, yet still comfortable to complete their work. These chairs usually have a plush or PU leather material with thickly padded armrests, a fine wood base, and have a massage head or recline function. 

Leather office chairs are designed to command respect, and add a sophisticated look to a workspace. Typically manufacturers use polyurethane leather, genuine leather or bonded leather giving it a very sleek look. Mesh office chairs are designed for individuals who work in hot climates or sweat easily. The back-rest portion of the chair is lined with a net-like fabric allowing airflow, better blood circulation and lumbar support. 

Big and Tall chairs are designed specifically to meet the needs of heavy and tall people. These chairs are made with a heavy duty frame, with a tall backrest, long and wide armrests, and an extra wide and deep seat. 

These frames have a reinforced base, and thicker padding that can handle weight capacities ranging from 300 to 1,000 pounds. Leaning sit stand chairs have become among retail stores, bank tellers, and art studios allowing people to take short rests from standing, while supporting your bottom. 


When deciding on the right office chair to purchase, you should consider the ergonomic features, comfortability, specific needs, and aesthetic appeal. Always think about your needs first. 

If you’re a gamer, then you should opt for a gaming style chair. If you’re looking for a chair that can handle a lot of weight, ensure it has a strong base. All chairs should have features to maximize comforts like lumbar support and thick padded cushion seatings. Review our list closely to find which suits you best. 

We hope this comprehensive guide was helpful in your pursuit of finding the perfect chair for your office! 

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