The 10 Best Mesh Gaming Chairs

Best Mesh Gaming Chairs

Is finding the perfect gaming chair really important? Some people tend to take their quest for finding a chair more seriously than others. However, most gamers are very meticulous about their equipment. Since you’re spending long hours in your chair gaming, it’s best to invest in something high-quality, durable, supportive, and comfortable. 

If you experience back pain, neck stiffness, or tightness in your legs, it may be time to seek out a better gaming chair. A high-quality mesh gaming chair will prevent most of your body pains because it provides ample support and ensures that you sit in a healthy posture at all times. It’s not practical to test all of the gaming chairs in the market, so we’ve done the homework for you. Below are the ten best mesh gaming chairs and a buyer’s guide on choosing the right one based on your needs. 

The Best Mesh Gaming Chairs

Raynor Ergohuman – Editor’s Pick

Editor's Pick
Raynor Ergohuman

The Raynor Ergohuman Chair (formerly Eurtotech) is a premium high-back mesh office chair that features excellent support, breathability, and adjustment features. It's comparable to a Herman Miller Aeron at a much lower price.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

The Raynor Ergohuman chair tops our list for the best all-around Mesh gaming chair. This chair is widely known for having incredible ergonomics and lumbar support. Their system includes a lumbar system that pushes the cushion outward further than the upper section of the backrest. It’s likely the first thing you’ll feel when sitting down on the chair. 

In addition, it has a knob that auto-adjusts the amount of pressure given for lumbar support. This means depending on your body weight and size; you may prefer more or less support. Although the backrest may not have as much cushion as a fabric or leather material, it offers firmer support and evenly distributed pressure, so it doesn’t feel intense or uneven. It also features a neck roll headrest designed to fit the crutch of your head and neck, providing better support than a standard pillow headrest. The headrest is adjustable up to two inches and has three different angles you’re able to adjust to. 

Sitting on a leather or fabric seat can get heated quickly. Personally, sitting on a warm chair makes me uncomfortable. The mesh material allows air to circulate, so you’ll feel cool during warmer climates. You may even feel a nice cool draft in the seat. 


  • Ideal for people who under 6’2 and below 250 lbs 
  • Mesh material provides great breathability 
  • Sleek modern chair design 
  • Includes lumbar support and multiple lock tilt positions 
  • The headrest is adjustable and the high back provides full-body support


  • The armrests are a little hard

Herman Miller Aeron – Premium Pick 

Although the Herman Miller Aeron comes with a hefty price tag, it has become a gold standard for ergonomics and status among the corporate elite. This chair will relieve the stress of sitting and correct your posture to reduce back pain. The chair features a redesigned PostureFitSL mechanism that follows your S Shape’s natural curvature back to help correct bad posture. It also offers a lumbar mechanism that is positioned in the lower back region and made of high-density foam to provide ample cushion. 

If you’re gaming all day long, your chair can be cutting off blood flow. The Herman Miller Aeron has a waterfall-shaped design seat to help boost circulation. More circulation helps your brain to function better to increase productivity and focus. This means you’ll be on your A-game. 

Both the seat and the backrest contains a material called the woven pellicle material. This is Herman Miller’s patented breathable membrane that prevents heat and pressure from building up. The pellicle is engineered to offer sophisticated support providing eight zones of varying tension. This ensures the right amount of support is given to each area of your body. 

It also is fully adjustable in height, depth, and angle. The chair comes in three different sizes: small, medium, and large, so you can pick the perfect chair for you. 


  • Adjustable PostureFitSL helps those with chronic back pain 
  • Extremely comfortable armrests 
  • Smooth recline feature
  • Has a maximum weight capacity of 350 lbs 
  • Includes a 12-year warranty and ships fully assembled 
  • Mesh material for firm support and air circulation 


  • Some people don’t feel comfortable sitting on a mesh seat 

RESPAWN-200 – Best Racing Style 

Best Racing Style

The RESPAWN RSP-200 gaming chair features an innovative design combining stylish PU-leather upholstery, that you would expect from a normal racing style gaming chair, with a mesh back to keep you cool during intense gaming sessions.

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01/22/2021 10:21 am GMT

Do you like racing-style chairs? The Respawn-200 has a cool race-car themed design but isn’t made from only standard PU leather like the other ones. At an affordable price, you get all the basic adjustability features and an advanced internal lumbar system. 

The chair stands out from other gaming chairs because its mesh backs contours to the shape of your body and prevents your chair from heating. In addition, the Respawn-200 comes with a pivoting integrated lumbar support that can be adjusted to find your sweet spot, along with an adjustable headrest pillow. 

For a chair of this price, we’re surprised that it offers a 4D armrest adjustability. You’ll be able to adjust your arms to any position to maximize comfort. The chair has a back tilt and reclining feature that ranges from 90 to 130 degrees. It’s also made of a steel tube frame design and a five-point base weight for long-lasting durability. 

The Respawn-200 comes in four different two-toned colors, including blue, green, red, and white, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for you. 


  • Aesthetic racing design chair 
  • Comfortable padding throughout the back and seat 
  • Available in our colors: blue, green, red, and black 
  • 4D armrests adjustments to ensure arms are at the right height and angle 
  • Mesh and faux leather helps to provide heat control 
  • Back contours to body and includes lumbar and headrest pillow 


  • The recline angle is capped at 130 degrees 
  • Armrests do not have padding 

Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair – Budget Pick

Budget Pick
Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair

The Hbada Ergonomic Office Chair features a sleek and modern mesh-back design at an affordable price making it ideal for both gaming and getting work done.

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01/22/2021 09:17 pm GMT

The Hbada ergonomic office chair is one of the best budget-friendly chairs in the market. It begs the question of whether or not it’s good. Surprisingly, we’ve found that it checks all the boxes regarding quality, adjustability, comfort, and durability. The chair offers a high backrest with mesh material and is ergonomically designed to fit the spinal curve. Its backrest follows your moves to hold your spine perfectly and to ease any pressure or pain. 

This chair has an excellent soft and flexible mesh fabric material that allows air, water vapor, and body heat to pass through to prevent heat buildup and humidity near the body. The mesh material is very smooth and won’t irritate your skin if you wear a tank top. It offers an upgraded adjustable seat and ergonomic foam padding. 

In addition, you’ll find it’s a reclining system to be smooth and effortless. The recline feature ranges from 90 degrees to 150 degrees. The Hbada chair offers adjustable lumbar support so that you can pivot the positioning of the support and the depth to ensure it gives you enough cushion for your spine. 


  • Smooth recline and lock from 90 to 150 degrees 
  • Very affordable pricing 
  • Mesh enables air, vapor, and body heat to circulate 
  • Curved backrest to support the spinal curve 
  • Adjustable headrest 


  • No adjustable lumbar support 
  • Armrests have a fixed height

NOUHAUS Ergo3D – Best Value

Best Value
NOUHAUS Ergo3D Ergonomic Chair

The NOUHAUS Ergo3D is a mesh office chair is a great bang for your buck offering key adjustment features and build quality that you would expect from chairs that cost twice as much.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

If you’re looking for a sleek ergonomic chair with advanced features without spending outrageous costs, the Nouhaus Ergo3D is definitely worth considering. This chair has a very futuristic look with three sections to it, the lumbar support, backrest, and headrest. It offers its own unique proprietary ElastoMesh material to provide optimal air circulation to avoid sticking and sweating. The mesh material is soft enough to conform to the user’s body without feeling “wirey.” This material is applied throughout the chair on the headrest, lumbar support, and seat cushion. 

One of the easiest ways to feel fatigued while gaming is slouching and overcompensating by leaning forward. The Nouhas Ergo3D uses a 3D lumbar support system that fits snugly into your lower back and aligns with your spine. This helps to reduce pain and excessive compression. Every time you change your sitting position or lean back, the lumbar support will adapt to the pressure and provide equal support to your back. 

The chair offers a 4D adjustable armrest so you can adjust your arms into any position to ensure efficiency when playing computer games. In addition, it has a super-lounge tilt enabling the chair to tilt up to 135 degrees, so gamers can find the ideal position for their next tasks or lounge back while resting. The Ergo3D comes in four fashionable colors which are black, blue, burgundy, and gray.


  • Includes four-dimensional adjustable arms 
  • Offers a breathable mesh to prevent stickiness or sweating 
  • Lumbar support can be adjusted to fit your needs 
  • Available in four colors: black, gray, burgundy, blue
  • Includes blade castor wheels to glide through hardwood floors smoothly 


  • Could use more padding on the seat 

Duramont Ergonomic Chair – Most Comfortable

Most Comfortable
Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair

The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair is the on the best values in terms of price vs performance on the market offering excellent build quality, adjustability and comfort.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

For those looking for an extremely comfortable seating option, the Duramont ergonomic chair is one you should consider. Unlike other mesh chairs, this one comes with a thick padded memory foam cushion. These cushions will relieve crucial pressure points on your body, such as your hamstrings, buttocks, hips, and legs. These cushions usually retain their bounce for at least five years so that you can expect a comfortable seat for a long time. 

The Duramont ergonomic chair also uses a breathable mesh to keep your back cool and comfy. It allows air to seep through your chair keeping your back sweat-free. It also has adjustable lumbar support to prevent or help alleviate back pain. With the adjustable lumbar, you can adjust the lumbar cushion’s depth to ensure it fits your spine. This chair also has a back reclining feature ranging from 90 to 120 degrees and an adjustable headrest. 


  • Many ways to adjust the backrest posture and angles
  • Adjustable lumbar support to increase or decrease depth
  • Instructions included and easy to assemble
  • Weight capacity of 330 lbs
  • Able to adjust the headrest angle
  • Comfortable memory foam padded cushion seat 


  • May have chemical smells out of the box 

Bilkoh Mesh Office Chair – Best Breathability

Best Breathability
Bilkoh Mesh Office Chair

The Bilkoh Mesh Office Chair excels when comes to breathability, which is one of the primary selling points of mesh chairs in general. Pair that with it's classy, modern design makes this a great option for any home office. 

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01/22/2021 03:20 am GMT

If you enjoy chairs with a mesh material, the Bilkoh office chair has an incredibly breathable, flexible, and soft mesh design. The mesh is used throughout the entire chair, so you’ll feel cool in all areas. Its seat uses a U-shaped design to help reduce the pressure from your buttocks and hips, reduce trapped heat, and increase airflow. Although the seating might not look comfortable, it has a natural curve shape and embedded foam that also provides knee and leg support. 

We also found the headrest to be quite comfortable. The Bilkoh chair headrest is wider than most other chairs measuring about 17 inches. It can also swivel up to about 45 degrees to alleviate pressure on your neck. It has numerous other adjustable features such as 3D armrests, 120 degrees of the recliner, and adjustable lumbar support. 

Bilkoh claims it can hold up to 300 lbs of weight. Part of that has to do with its heavy-duty die-casting aluminum base. Its base is both durable and sturdy for gamers to sit on. 


  • Includes adjustable back, headrest and armrests 
  • Breathable mesh material helps eliminate moisture and heat build-up 
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Wide headrest for enhanced comfort 
  • Natural curve and embedded foam seating to knee and leg support 


  • Some may prefer more cushioning 

Gabrylly Mesh Office Chair – Best Under $300

Best Under $300
Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

The Gabrylly Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair is an excellent value for the price. It features a nice, breathable mesh-back design, adjustable armrests, and headrest at an affordable price.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

When it comes to ergonomics, four major points of your body need to be supported: head, back, hips, and hands. The Gabrylly mesh office chairs provide support for each of those areas. It has an adjustable headrest cushion, mesh-back with a 120-degree reclining feature, lumbar support, U-shapes seat design, and adjustable padded armrests. 

We noticed that the seat is quite larger and the chair is ideal for people between 5’5 and 6’3. The seat cushion has a U-shaped design to reduce pain in your hips, lower back and tailbone. This ergonomic design is made to help gamers sit with a healthy posture. One of the unique aspects of this chair is the flip-up armrests. Save space by flipping up the armrest and putting the chair directly under the desk. The armrests can also be adjusted up and down and have an extra pad cushioning for your forearms and elbow. 


  • Really easy to assemble 
  • Larger seat accounts for individuals with different body builds 
  • Armrests are adjustable and able to fold armrests up 
  • Mesh material is both comfortable and breathable
  • Mesh also is abrasion resistant 
  • Very affordable office chair


  • The neck support isn’t ideal for tall people 

STAPLES Hyken – Best for Posture

Best for Posture
STAPLES Hyken Task Chair

The Staples Hyken is a budget mesh ergonomic chair that offers solid build quality, adjustability, and comfort at an entry-level price.

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01/22/2021 04:17 am GMT

The Staples Hyken is an excellent chair for improving posture without spending a fortune on expensive high-tech chairs. The chair includes a high mesh back and adjustable headrest. Its high-back makes it ideal to seat people of all heights whether you’re tall or short. And it’s headrest is adjustable, so you can tilt the headrest back to get the perfect angle to view your monitor screen. 

We found the seat cushion to be quite unique. It offers an embedded cushion under the mesh material and has a water-fall design shape to provide leg and knee support. Most chair seats are straight across or flat, while this one curves downward for enhanced comfort. Like most task chairs, you can expect the standard adjustability features such as height adjustments, seating angle, and armrests adjustments. The chair offers great durability with a steel aluminum five-point base. It is advertised to support up to 250 pounds and has soft casters to easily roll across any flooring type. 


  • The comfortable high back chair 
  • Includes adjustable seat height, armrests, and backrest tilt 
  • Weight capacity of 250 lbs 
  • Mesh upholstery to keep you cool 
  • Sturdy and silent carpet casters 
  • Adjustable lumbar and headrest support to help posture 


  • The seat cushion is quite comfortable; however, the mesh fabric has minimal reinforcement 

KOLLIEE – Best Mid-Back

Best Mid-Back
KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

The KOLLIEE Mid Back Mesh Office Chair is an excellent budget office chair that's a great option for those who need a versatile chair for gaming and getting work done without breaking the bank.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

If you find high-back chairs and headrest to be uncomfortable, the Kolliee mesh chair might do the trick. Sometimes users can feel restricted with a high back chair preventing freedom of movement. However, this also runs the risk of potential bad posture habits such as slouching forward. 

The Kolliee chair offers a high-density mesh material that is very soft and flexible to rest on. Not only does it allow air to circulate, but it feels much smoother to move around on. Personally, we find their best feature to be the seat cushion. Kolliee uses a high-resilience foam cushion that also is made from a mesh material on the outside. This means your seat cushion is breathable, antifouling, and very comfortable to sit on. The cushion molds to your body and will reduce the pressure placed on your buttocks, hips, and legs. It also has a long shelf life and won’t deform easily. 

Although it doesn’t have a reclining feature, it can adjust in height and arms. The Kolliee also is ergonomically designed to mirror the curve in a person’s back and has lumbar support to reduce backpressure. 


  • High resilience foam seat cushion for all-day comfort 
  • Mesh back material is durable, wear-resistant, and breathable
  • Provides a wide mid-back coverage 
  • Chair back is ergonomically designed to relieve back pain 
  • Supports up to 250 lbs 


  • Armrests aren’t height adjustable 
  • Tention spring might make a little noise 

How to Choose the Best Mesh Gaming Chair – Buyer’s Guide  


Ergonomics refers to how the chair is designed based on physiological principles to fit the user’s needs. For a gamer, the chair should be optimized around the gamer to improve efficiency and productivity. To be more specific, it helps you improve posture, minimize back pain, support your movements, and improves your gaming reaction times. 

Gaming chairs have several ergonomic features that you can look out for: 

  • Lumbar support that is adjustable or fits the curvature of your spine. 
  • High and curved backrest with lots of necks and upper back support. 
  • Wingback design to fit a person’s broad shoulders. 
  • Many adjustable features to configure, such as seat height, armrests, and back angle to ensure you sit at the perfect position. 
  • Tension or tilt lock mechanism to lock your position to accommodate different seating positions. 

The more ergonomic features that it includes, the more you’ll enjoy sitting on your seat. Always consider what you value in a chair. Some may prefer a soft cushion, while others might want a flexible mesh back to adjust to their movements and keep them cool. 

Build Quality

Build quality is an essential ingredient to any gaming chair. It’s no use purchasing a gaming chair if it’ll only last you a few months. Herman Miller stands by their product by offering a 12-year warranty that includes parts and labor. It’s much better to invest in a chair that is a little more expensive with a higher quality build so it’ll last longer. 

One indicator of good build quality is the frame. A high-quality frame is usually built from durable steel or metal. Frames that are made of plastic or wood typically don’t hold up. Another aspect of build quality to consider is a chair’s base. Opt for a wide aluminum base instead of a narrow nylon base because aluminum tends to be more robust and durable. 

In addition, you’ll want wider casters that are three inches or more. Anything less than two inches isn’t ideal. Larger wheels will create less resistance while rolling and can easily overcome obstacles such as a high-pile carpet. Depending on the type of flooring you have, consider the type of casters. Hard wheel casters are designed for carpeted floors because it has the strength to push through resistance. Soft wheel casters are designed for wood, linoleum, and tile flooring. However, you can always replace the casters if needed. 

Comfort (seat comfort, back comfort, arm comfort)

Mesh chairs sometimes receive a bad rap for being uncomfortable. However, it’s much more flexible and supportive than most upholstered seats. The seatback contours to the user’s back and will relieve pressure from their back. The mesh back helps spread the body weight across the entire back area to reduce pressure placed on the hips, spine, and buttocks. 

In addition, a backrest mesh material has an open structure for ventilation. This increase in airflow helps keep you relaxed and cool, especially for a gamer who sits on their chair all day. The mesh back will allow air circulation between the chair back and seat. Leather chairs typically cause heat buildup making it very uncomfortable to sit on. 

When it comes to seat cushions, you’d ideally want a high-resilience memory foam cushion for maximum comfort. A high-density foam cushion will absorb the pressure of sitting down and return to its original shape after the compression is complete. The best type of material for a seat cushion is either gel or memory foam. The gel is better with heat dissipation, while memory foam is designed to ensure there is less compression on key parts of your body such as your hips, and tailbone. 

Lastly, armrests should be three directional or four-directional. A four-directional armrest can adjust to any position you prefer. This includes height, left or right, forward or backward, and sideways angle. Working in an uncomfortable angle for your arms can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome and serious neck issues. Ideally, look for armrests made of polyurethane since it is a very soft, comfortable, and durable material. Harder materials like plastic, steel, or hardwoods can be uncomfortable to rest your forearms on. 


A gaming chair is nothing without adjustability. That’s because gamers have their personal comfort preferences. There are a few crucial adjustments that all gaming chairs should have, including seat height, seat depth, seat tilt, back tilt, armrests, headrest, and lumbar depth. 

The right seat height allows you to have your feet flat on the floor and your knees to form a 90-degree angle. In addition, your eyes and head should be aligned with the computer’s monitor screen. When a chair is set too high or too low, it causes unnecessary strain in the back and muscle tension. A seat tilt adjustment enables you to adjust the seat pan slightly tilted forward to promote a healthy sitting posture. Seat depth adjustments adjust the length of the seat from the backrest to the front edge. Depending on your height, this ensures you can rest comfortably on the backrest without compromising your sitting posture and operate on your computer during gameplay efficiently edge of the seat. 

The armrests help to relieve upper back, neck, and shoulder pain. When the forearms can relax comfortably, your shoulder won’t be pulled up or down. The angle of the armrest should line up with the desk. The perfect alignment will allow your arms to efficiently operate on your computer during gameplay. 

Every chair should have a backrest reclining feature. To operate on your computer during gameplay efficiently ideal backrest recline angle for gaming is about 100 to 110 degrees. Test the angles until you find your sweet spot for gaming. However, if you want to relax or even take a nap, you can adjust your chair further back. Many backrests have a maximum tilt angle of 130 to 180 degrees. 


When looking at the design of a mesh gaming chair, always consider the backrest height. There are three types of options, including low-back, mid-back, and high-back chairs. Ideally, you want a mid-back or high-back chair. Low-back chairs are designed for active seating and won’t be ideal for long hours of gaming. A mid-back reaches the user’s shoulder, and a high-back provides full-scale support so that you can have support throughout your neck and head. 

Gamers should also be aware of the overall dimensions of the chair. Some chairs are designed for smaller individuals. For example, you might look at the price tag of a gaming chair and immediately make a purchase. However, it could be a small-sized chair designed with narrow dimensions. Ensure that the chair is designed for your height and weight. Consider getting the big and tall gaming chairs for individuals who are taller than 6’2 or weigh over 300 lbs. 

Mesh chairs have been rising in popularity, and one of the reasons is because designers have improved their aesthetic appeal. It aligns with the new trend of minimalistic design for your home. Most chairs have a sleek solid color with any design, unlike the racing-style gaming chairs. However, it still looks upscale similar to an executive chair.

Recap of the Best Mesh Gaming Chairs

Mesh Gaming ChairBest For
Raynor ErgohumanEditor’s Pick
Herman Miller AeronPremium Pick
RESPAWN-200Best Racing Style
Hbada Ergonomic Office ChairBudget Pick
NOUHAUS Ergo3DBest Value
Duramont Ergonomic ChairMost Comfortable
Bilkoh Mesh Office ChairBest Breathability
Gabrylly Mesh Office ChairBest Under $300
STAPLES HykenBest for Posture
KOLLIEEBest Mid-Back


Are Mesh Chairs Good for Gaming?

Although mesh chairs might not look comfortable initially, it is much more supportive than padded chairs. Padded chairs usually cause users to sink in their seats or have too much give, which can hurt your posture. A mesh chair will reduce pains and improve posture. The longer you sit for other types of chairs, the more your posture will begin to slump. Mesh chairs provide a supportive and firm structure along with an array of adjustments. Not to mention, you can also add an upholstered seat for increased comfort while still keeping the mesh back for ventilation and postural support. 

What is the Best Brand Gaming Chair?

The best brand of gaming chair varies based on the type of chair you prefer the most. However, the brand with the highest positive consumer feedback is GTRacing. Other great gaming brands are Steelcase, AKRacing, Vertagear, SecretLab Titan, and Herman Miller. 

What is the Most Comfortable Gaming Chair?

The best brand of gaming chair varies based on the type of chair you prefer the most. However, the brand with the highest positive consumer feedback is GTRacing. Other great gaming brands are Steelcase, AKRacing, Vertagear, SecretLab Titan, and Herman Miller. 

What Gaming Chair Do YouTubers Use?

When it comes to gaming chairs for YouTubers, the Herman Miller Aeron and the Herman Miller Embody is the most popular chair that YouTubers and Streamers use. YouTubers love them because they are designed to work in perfect harmony with your body and are super breathable. The chair ergonomics are much more advanced than other chairs and will prevent all sorts of back, neck, shoulder, hip, knee, or leg issues from gaming for long hours. 

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