The 10 Best Racing Simulator Cockpit Chairs

Best Racing Simulator Chairs

Racing games are your forte. You’ve long since abandoned your gaming controller and started using a steering wheel that makes you feel more like you’re in the game. If only your gaming chair was as immersive. You’re thinking of upgrading to a racing simulator cockpit chair, but which should you choose?

10 of the Best Racing Simulator Cockpit Chairs

The following 10 racing simulator cockpit chairs are considered the best:

  • Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit
  • Next Level Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit
  • Next Level Racing Gttrack Simulator Cockpit
  • Playseat Evolution Black Alcantara Racing Simulator Cockpit
  • Playseat Challenge Racing Video Game Chair
  • Playseat Evolution Project CARS Edition Racing Video Game Chair
  • GTR Simulator – GTSF Model Driving Racing Simulator Cockpit
  • Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Gaming Chair
  • GTR Simulator GTA-BLK-S105LBKRD Driving Simulator Cockpit
  • Playseat Evolution Forza Motorsports PRO Edition Racing Video Game Chair

If you’re on the edge of your seat eager to learn more about any of these 10 incredible gaming chairs, then you’ve come to the right place. In this detailed guide, we’ll review each racing simulator cockpit and even give you some pointers on how to choose the best one for you.

1. Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit

Weight Capacity: N/A

Price: $$

Let’s dive right in with the Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit. This gaming chair is meant to connect to your gaming wheel, shifter, and brake system, especially if you use Fanatec Gear, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. You can even set up the gear shifter for your right or left hand based on which one you favor most.

This sleek black chair is designed for portability, as it’s compact and somewhat lightweight at 65 pounds. You also get support for your back, shoulders, and legs when you sit and play, with an additional support positioned against the pedal flex for your comfort. 

Openwheeler’s racing cockpit chair has a seat width measuring 21 inches at its widest at the backrest. The seat itself is 14.5 inches wide, 36 inches tall, and 22 inches long. Make it even more comfortable by adjusting it, as the GEN2 has three shifting positions, including reclining back, gliding, and moving forwards or backwards. 


  • Once you get your gaming wheel set up with the Openwheeler, you can move parts of it upwards or downwards so it’s perfectly accessible to you. You’ll then be all ready to race!
  • The plush yet classy materials of this gaming chair give it a look that’s sure to spruce up your gaming room.
  • That you can use it with a variety of gaming wheel brands makes the Openwheeler GEN2 Racing Wheel Stand Cockpit a great value. 


  • Some users have complained that the Fanatec shifter doesn’t connect with this gaming chair as well as advertised. 

2. Next Level Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit

Weight Capacity: N/A

Price: $$$

We have a slew of Next Level Racing simulator cockpit chairs to cover, beginning with the F-GT Simulator Cockpit. This sleek seat is made of toughened steel reinforced with a powder-coat finish. That metal frame extends beyond the seat with a framework for a variety of Next Level Racing accessories that make your racing games that much more realistic. These include wheel casters, a monitor stand, and a racing mat. 

That said, if you have your own third-party pedals and wheels, the F-GT is compatible with many of them. Given that you can adjust the seat, pedals, and wheels up to eight feet, you should have no problem getting set up. Just screw your wheels and pedals into the frame and they’ll be secure for hours of racing game fun. The simulator cockpit even comes with pre-drilled holes for wheels from AccuForce, Fanatec, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. 

Some other awesome features of the F-GT Simulator Cockpit are the lumbar support cushion, a gear shift holder, and a slider. Take your adjustments further with three different angle adjustments built into the seat. You can also switch the seat from Formula and GT mode by adding GT bars. This creates a deeply immersive experience any gamer would love. 


  • According to Next Level Racing, Ricardo Costa Jr. (rally driver), Matt Simmons (a GTacademy winner), Mad Mike Whiddett (of Red Bull Racing), and other professionals favor the F-GT Simulator Cockpit and other Next Level Racing gaming seats.
  • A Buttkicker Game 2 adapter is a nice bonus feature. 
  • Next Level Racing designs their supports for durability. The pedal plate enhances your gaming while the steering wheel support can handle professional-level direct drive steering wheels. 


  • Gamers have complained that you have to go back and tighten screws across the gaming cockpit often. 

3. Next Level Racing Gttrack Simulator Cockpit

Weight Capacity: 330 pounds 

Price: $$$$$

Our second pick from Next Level Racing is also an Amazon’s Choice product. It’s their Gttrack Simulator Cockpit. While considerably pricier than the F-GT, this cockpit chair weighs 106 pounds when fully assembled, so it’s quite robust. It can even support weights of up to 330 pounds and heights of six feet, nine inches.

If you’re serious about your racing, the Gttrack will back you up. The chair itself includes a seat built into a heavy-duty, rigid fame. The seat can slide, but that’s just getting started with the available adjustments. You can also adjust the height of the rubber feet, lock the caster wheels, and use the four-point racing harness. Further, feel free to set the gear shifter distance, the pedal distance and angle, and the wheel distance and angle. 

With included pedals, a shifter, screws for mounting to the wheels, the Buttkicker Gamer 2 adapter, and a handbrake adapter, you’ve practically got everything you need right out of the box with the Gttrack. In case you don’t, you can easily set up your Fanetec, Logitech, or Thrustmaster wheels and pedals thanks to the pre-drilled holes for these. 


  • Next Level Racing says the Gttrack should take about 10 minutes to assemble thanks to the included Next Level Racing Motion Platform V3 bolts. 
  • You can again use professional pedal sets and direct drive wheels with this cockpit chair, just like with other Next Level Racing seats.
  • This is yet another racing simulator cockpit chair favored by the professionals, which makes it a dream for gamers to use.  


  • Those who have tried this gaming chair mention the seat may wobble, although this can be an installation issue. 

4. Playseat Evolution Black Alcantara Racing Simulator Cockpit

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Price: $$

We also want to introduce you to a few great Playseat picks, beginning with their Evolution Black Alcantara Racing Simulator Cockpit. This Amazon’s Choice racing chair includes pre-drilled mounting points as well as a foot pedal support plate. Both are intended to work with your favorite third-party pedal and wheel sets. 

The side panels and headrest, which both feature the Playseat logo, add major cred. When you go live on stream in this racing simulator cockpit, you know your audience will be impressed. The seat folds, yet don’t be fooled, as it’s still made of hard steel that won’t buckle. The upholstery that covers this steel skeleton is plush Alcantara designed to mimic leather but without the high costs of that material.

If you use such consoles as the Nintendo Wii, the Xbox 360 or Xbox One, the PlayStation 2, 3, or 4, or even a PC, you can play your top racing titles with the Evolution cockpit chair. You can also hook up your Thrustmaster, Logitech, or Fanatec steering wheels and pedals. Once you’ve got your equipment all set up, adjust the Evolution to your heart’s content with knob tension adjustments and more. 


  • That you can use this racing simulator cockpit chair with so many gaming consoles, computers, and third-party equipment makes the Playseat Evolution a chair to seriously consider.
  • The powder-coated steel body can support gamers who weigh 300 pounds and are up to seven feet tall. 
  • You can quickly and easily stow away your gaming chair thanks to the fold-down system for portability and storage. 


  • Some users have complained about the T-supports, mentioning these are thin and short. 

5. Playseat Challenge Racing Video Game Chair

Weight Capacity: 200 pounds 

Price: $

For gamers on a budget who still want a great Playseat cockpit chair, the Challenge Racing Video Game Chair more than delivers. Like other Playseat racing simulator cockpits, you can use this cool-looking chair with all sorts of games on consoles like the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC. 

The chair also integrates your favorite third-party pedal sets and wheels, including not only those from Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec, but MadCatz as well. This is due to the steel framework of the Challenge Racing Video Game Chair, which has a powder-coat finish for even greater strength. 

A cover made of suede adds to this simple yet appealing cockpit chair, which also collapses when not in use. That makes storing it away after a hard day of playing racing games a complete breeze. If you have competitions to attend, you can even take your favorite gaming chair with you. 


  • The Challenge’s wheel support plate arm moves up via a swinging motion so you can remove it when not needed. If you want to keep the wheel support plate arm in place, a latch supports it.
  • A range of adjustments are included so you can customize your cockpit chair to your liking.
  • That the chair collapses is fantastic if you have a complex racing game setup but not a lot of space, such as in an apartment. 


  • It’s been said by some users that this isn’t the world’s most comfortable gaming chair. 

6. Playseat Evolution Project CARS Edition Racing Video Game Chair

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds 

Price: $$$

Our last Playseat pick (for now) is the Evolution Project CARS Edition Racing Video Game Chair. If you’re a Project CARS player, then you do not want to go without this chair. It’s the official racing simulator cockpit chair of Project CARS, and you’ll know as much with the game’s logo emblazoned on the seat itself. On the sides, the Playseat logo makes this chair that much more better-looking. 

Even though this racing simulator cockpit chair is designed for a specific game, you still get all the compatibility you’ve come to know from Playseat. Yes, that means you can play racing games on your Xbox One, your Xbox 360, your PlayStation 3 or 4, and your PC. Also, your racing game equipment from MadCatz, Thrustmaster, Logitech, and Fanatec all work here.

The wheel/pedal support plates as well as this cockpit chair’s chassis are steel with a powder-coat finish so the chair will last. If you want the cockpit seat to fit you to a T, then use all the quick-release tension knobs on the chair to adjust one or multiple areas at once. 


  • Project CARS lovers won’t find a racing simulator cockpit chair better suited to their interests than this one from Playseat. 
  • Although it’s a specialty chair, you can still fold it down, taking advantage of the collapsible seatback. When the chair is compressed, storing it becomes very simple.
  • Playseat includes full instructions that go step by step so assembling your cockpit chair doesn’t take all day. That lets you get back to the games faster.


  • Gamers have noted the chair doesn’t include all the hardware needed for assembly. 

7. GTR Simulator – GTSF Model Driving Racing Simulator Cockpit

Weight Capacity: 250 pounds 

Price: $$$

Here’s a totally different chair for you, the GTR Simulator – GTSF Model Driving Racing Simulator Cockpit. This plush chair includes a monitor stand in either a single or triple style as well as a shifter holder. It’s also got all the framework for your pro gaming wheel and pedals. You’ll be ready to jump into the race in no time!

The frame is alloy steel with powder-coating, as is the chair itself. It’s covered in a stylish synthetic leather that feels almost as legit as sitting in a real racecar. The seat, which is in a comfy bucket style, reclines so you can chill between races. You can also adjust it for a fit that’s good for you.

The GTS-F is 23 inches wide, 58 inches long, and 43 inches tall overall. The steering wheel height is between 22 and 24 inches depending on how you adjust it. With plenty more adjustment features, GTR Simulator designed their racing cockpit chair to better support you and move with your body. 


  • GTR Simulator completes the GTS-F with brand lettering and lateral stitching for a chair that’s as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.
  • The bucket seat of the cockpit can be adjusted four different ways for gamer comfort.
  • According to GTR Simulator, all their chairs are tested and modified to include a bigger stabilizer bar, better axle geometry, and improved elastokinematics.


  • Some users have mentioned you cannot use any Thrustmaster wheels or pedals with this racing simulator cockpit. 

8. Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Gaming Chair

Weight Capacity: N/A

Price: $

If you’re still looking for a solid racing simulator cockpit chair, you’ve got to see this one from Conquer. Although it’s not a Playseat chair, you still get all the compatibility you could ever want, such as with the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, the PS3, and the PS4. If you use Logitech or Thrustmaster steering wheels and pedals, these also fit on the Conquer racing simulator cockpit gaming chair beautifully.

The chair itself is made of steel and features what Conquer calls a “real car racing seat.” Measuring 10.25 inches by 6.75 inches, the chair’s steering wheel holder can be raised from 22 inches high to 26 inches. You also get 11 mounting holes for plenty of customization in your setup. As if that wasn’t enough, the footplate, which is 12 inches by 12.5 inches, features 30 mounting holes and eight different adjustments.

The gear shifter’s plate, measuring four inches by 3.5 inches, gives you four mounting holes and plenty of adjustability options. The included mount is angled nine inches from the ground. The seat itself can be adjusted six inches back and forth thanks to a rail feature. Feel free to play racing titles all day on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation 4 with the Conquer Racing Simulator Cockpit Gaming Chair. 


  • The Conquer comes in gray, blue, or red with an upholstered design.
  • The wheel mount is adjustable as well, giving you the freedom to set it between 10 and 40 degrees. 
  • With assembly instructions and tools included with your purchase, putting together this racing cockpit chair should give you no headaches. 


  • Gamers have noticed the chair sits a little closer to the ground than some would prefer. 

9. GTR Simulator GTA-BLK-S105LBKRD Driving Simulator Cockpit 

Weight Capacity: N/A

Price: $$

Yes, we have one more GTR Simulator racing cockpit chair we wanted to talk about, their GTA model. The total height of this chair is 40 to 44 inches (with adjustments), the steering wheel height is 24 to 27 inches, and the overall width is 32 inches with a length of 42 to 56 inches. 

An alloy steel frame with diamond silver is powder-coated, then covered with a synthetic leather seat with an alloy steel bracket. All sorts of cockpit features are adjustable as well. Set the steering angle of the pedal, switch the length of the frame to accommodate your gaming wheel and pedals, move the steering wheel plate, and slide the seat up or back. 

You can go pretty old school with the GTA, as it supports racing game play on the Sega, Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, Wii, original Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStations 1 through 4, and PC. 


  • In all, the GTR Simulator GTA model can adjust 14 different ways.
  • You get several colors to choose from for your racing simulator cockpit chair, among them Monte Carlo Blue with Alpine White stripes, Alpine White with Competition Red stripes, Competition Red with Alpine White stripes, Midnight Black with Competition Red stripes, or all Midnight Black. 
  • You do get predrilled holes for installing your third-party steering wheel and pedals with ease. 


  •  Users have noted the instruction guide leaves something to be desired. 

10. Playseat Evolution Forza Motorsports PRO Edition Racing Video Game Chair 

Weight Capacity: 300 pounds

Price: $$$

Our last review is also a great one, as we’ve got our final Playseat pick for you. Their Evolution Forza Motorsports PRO Edition Racing Video Game Chair is for Forza game enthusiasts. On the front and sides of this cockpit are the Forza name and logo stitched into the black leather in white. The metal base of the chair features the Playseat logo beneath that on either side.

From PC racing games to those on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and more, you can enjoy them in all in a brand new way with this Playseat simulator cockpit chair. Your favorite Thrustmaster, Logitec, MadCatz, and Fanetec equipment plays nicely with the seat as well. 

The powder-coated steel frame is sturdy, and with quick-knob tension adjustments, you can alter the height and other settings of this chair just as you like them. A sizable foot pedal support plate lets you mount your Xbox equipment right to the plates, and pre-drilled holes make using your third-party equipment like steering wheels and pedals simple, too. 


  • This racing cockpit chair generously supports gamers up to 300 pounds and seven feet tall.
  • Like every other Playseat chair we’ve covered, the Evolution also compacts so it’s never a space hog. 
  • The beautiful Forza logo, which is stitched right in, is a delight to long-time players of the franchise. 


  • Certain gamers have called this racing chair somewhat basic. 

The Best Racing Simulator Cockpit Buyer’s Guide

Now that we’ve reviewed those 10 phenomenal racing simulator cockpit chairs, if you’re stuck between two or more, this buyer’s guide ought to help you pick which to buy.  

How to Choose the Best Racing Simulator Cockpit

Let’s begin the buyer’s guide by delving into the factors that could guide your decision one way or another. Spend a few minutes thinking about which of these factors are most important to you, then have another look at the chairs above. You should be able to pick one from there. 

  • Compatibility: If you mostly game on your computer, Xbox, or PlayStation, compatibility should be no issue with the 10 gaming chairs we covered. That said, for older consoles or less mainstream ones, you’ll have to pick a cockpit chair a little more carefully. 
  • Build Quality: You also can’t go wrong with the build quality on any of these chairs. Whether they’re a costlier pick or a more inexpensive one, none of the racing sim cockpit chairs we discussed skimp on quality. That said, the upholstery is different from chair to chair, which may affect quality in your eyes. 
  • Comfort: If your gaming chair isn’t comfortable, then you won’t want to spend hours in it. A flexible chair that molds to your body is your best bet, as is one that has adjustable features so you can make the chair a comfier fit. 
  • Features: There are lots of handy features found in these cockpit chairs that make your life as a gamer easier. A portable chair that folds down is one you can take to conventions and competitions. Racing chairs that are compatible with all your favorite third-party wheels and pedals are also something you might prioritize in your search.  
  • Price: The 10 racing cockpit chairs we covered ran the gamut in regard to pricing. Some are available for a few hundred dollars and others closer to $1,000. No matter your budget, surely there’s a chair on the list for you. 
  • Setup: You also want a chair that sets up quickly and easily. From installation to mounting your third-party equipment, the less stress this causes you, the better. 

Racing Simulator Cockpit Benefits

If you currently use a regular gaming chair and you’re struggling to see why you need a racing simulator cockpit chair, check out these benefits. We think they’ll change your mind. 

Utter Realism When Racing

Sitting on a couch playing a racing game may be comfortable, but it’s not very realistic, is it? When sitting in a racing simulator cockpit chair, you get a greater sense of immersion each time you turn on your computer, your Xbox, or your PlayStation. That realism alone makes one of these chairs worthwhile. 

A Steering Wheel May Feel More Natural Than a Controller, Enhancing Your Game

The steering wheel that’s meant to attach to these cockpit chairs is another major perk. Instead of playing on a controller, you can use the wheel instead. You may find your gaming improves because the wheel feels so much more natural. 

Adds to Your Cred as a Streamer

When your followers see your whole setup, including the racing cockpit chair, your wheel, and your pedals, they’ll surely want to watch to see what you can do. You might even attract new members to your audience; you never know! 

More Fun!

Above all else, having a racing simulator cockpit chair is just fun. You can have what feel like real racing experiences without ever leaving your house, which is epic. 

Is a Racing Simulator Cockpit Right for You?

To dispel any remaining doubts, here are some ways to tell whether a racing simulator cockpit is right for you:

  • You’re a serious gamer.
  • You love immersive gaming experiences. 
  • You’ve already bought a gaming chair, but you’re looking for something a little different.
  • You’re a streamer.
  • You compete in racing games competitively.
  • You have a wheel and pedals but no seat in which to connect them to. 


Racing simulator cockpit chairs are compatible with racing game equipment such as steering wheels and pedals. The right chair makes you feel like you’re sitting there in the racecar, which is an amazing experience. 

The 10 racing simulator cockpits on this list work with all your favorite games and equipment, have mounting holes and adjustments for customization, and some even compress for storage. Any would suit you well! 

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