GTRACING Gaming Chairs Review & Buyer’s Guide

GTRACING Gaming Chair Review

Since entering the market in 2013, GTRACING has been one of the most popular gaming chair companies in the world. This brand is best known for selling affordable and aesthetic racing style gaming chairs.

For under $200, you get a durable gaming chair with standard adjustments and thick padded cushions ideal for gamers who sit for long periods.

In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of GTRACING’s top chairs and the features to look for when buying your next gaming chair. 

GTRACING Gaming Chair Features Review

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GTRACING makes high-quality gaming chairs at an affordable price. They offer a wide variety of racing style gaming chairs that are on par with some of the major brand names at a fraction of the price.

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Build Quality

Build quality is an important aspect that allows users to feel secure and ensures that the chair lasts for a long time. Despite its low price, GTRACING doesn’t sacrifice quality. Although their chairs tend to have more plastic parts compared to premium or high-end chairs, their most essential components are made of metal. 

GTRACING chairs are built with a heavy-duty aluminum base. An aluminum base tends to be much lighter and more cost-effective compared to other base materials such as chrome and stainless steel. It’s also relatively durable and rust-free. Most of their chairs also can withstand a good amount of weight. Their stand series is advertised to support up to 300 pounds of weight, while their big and tall chairs can withstand 350 pounds. 


Gamers may spend over eight hours a day sitting on their chairs. Finding a chair that is comfortable is extremely important to maintaining a healthy posture and preventing back pain. One of the big advantages of GTRACING chairs is their thick padding built along with the chair’s seat and back to increase the comfort level. 

Many of their cushions are made of cold cure foam. The benefits of utilizing cold cure foam on gaming chairs are that the structural integrity is maintained due to the air pockets within the foam that are evenly distributed throughout the material. These air pockets help to create a spring-back reaction whenever you get up off of the seat cushion.  

In addition, this padding is engineered to be both soft and firm. The cold cure foam has two times the density as regular foam making it much more firm. This strikes the perfect balance allowing users to sink into the seat while dispersing the weight evenly. GTRACING chairs use PU leather that exudes a sleek elegance, while also proving a supple and plush feel to them. This material has a smooth surface and is immune to spills for durability. 


Chairs aren’t a one size fits all. This means finding a chair that has a variety of adjustments is essential. Adjustments help to fit the needs and preferences of each user. Some features to look for are adjustable height, arms, extendable footrests, reclining mechanisms, seat width, tilt lock, rocking feature, and wheels or swivel feature. 

An adjustable seat height with a pneumatic gas lift helps users adjust the height so that you’re sitting eye level with your computer monitor. Armrests help gamers to position their arms in a comfortable position to maximize gameplay and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome. Reclining backrests also help users get into comfortable positions. Most people need to recline between 100 to 110 degrees for optimal productivity. If you’re looking to read, take a break, or nap, GTRACING chairs typically can extend back up to 170 degrees. 

No matter what reclined angle you’re in, users can rock back and forth. Other adjustable features are a 360-degree swivel and rolling casters. Rolling casters should allow your chair to smoothly roll through both carpet and hardwood flooring without any friction. Some chairs may even include extendable footrests to allow gamers to kick their feet up during breaks. Footrests help to increase circulation to your feet and legs. In addition, having a footrest decreases the amount of back tension by reducing the load off of the user’s lower limbs. 


Most gaming chairs cost between $200 and $400. While premium quality chairs usually cost well over $500. The majority of the GTRACING chairs are purposely priced under $200. Although their chairs may have a few shortcomings, overall it’s quite comfortable and has a handful of ergonomic features to reduce back pain. Compared to other budget chairs, the GTRACING stands out with its exceptional quality and low price tag. 


GTRACING sells their gaming chairs on a variety of platforms such as Newegg, Lazada, and Amazon, while also selling them directly on their website. When purchasing their chairs from third-party vendors they include a one-year warranty. However, when customers purchase directly from the GTRACING official website, they receive a two-year warranty.  

One exception to this rule is the GTRACING Ace series chairs. Their warranty starts at two years but may extend to five years when customers post a product review about the chair on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Reddit, and Twitch. Customers must then send their proof to the GTRACING support team. 

GTRACING Gaming Chairs Review Highlights

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GTRACING makes high-quality gaming chairs at an affordable price. They offer a wide variety of racing style gaming chairs that are on par with some of the major brand names at a fraction of the price.

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GTRACING has served over two million users and quickly garnered a reputation for producing racing-style gaming chairs that are comfortable and supportive for all gamers. Here are some of the common pros and cons of their chairs: 


  • All chairs come with one year warranty and customers who purchase directly gets a two-year warranty 
  • Comes with at least 2D armrests 
  • Most chairs recline up to 170 degrees
  • Each series is designed to fit a segment of their market’s needs
  • Affordable pricing  
  • All seats have a thick padded cushion


  • Armrests are usually made of hard plastic without much padding 
  • Some chairs may squeak a bit 
  • No full-mesh back chairs available

The Best GTRACING Gaming Chair Models Compared

GTRACING Ace Series M1 – Best for Big & Tall People

The Ace Series M1 is one of the most functional chairs that GTRACING offers. This chair includes 4D armrests, a deep recline, a multifunction tilt lock, supports up to 350 pounds, and has a warranty that ranges between two to five years. 

It’s steel frame and powder-coated heavy-duty aluminum base makes this an ideal fit for larger individuals. The high backrest and width ensure that the seat fits people who are above six feet. These chairs can withstand a lot of beating and will last a long time. This chair is also incredibly comfortable. The M1 uses high-density cold cure foam padding, which is incredibly thick and relieves pressure while sitting. Its foam upholstery is made to ensure that the padding retains its shape for a long time. Unlike other padded chairs which tend to wear down quickly. 

Also, a detachable neck and lumbar pillow are included to ensure additional support. The 4D armrests adjustability is quite impressive. It allows users to adjust up and down, left and right, forward and backward, and rotate in various angles. Overall, the M1 is engineered to enhance the gaming experience by improving posture, eliminating fatigue, and optimizing efficiency for gamers to play and work better. 


  • Weight capacity of up to 350 pounds 
  • Includes 4D adjustable armrests and reclines up to 170 degrees 
  • Molded with a cold cure foam padding for comfort 
  • Very affordable 
  • PU leather is water and wear-resistant 


  • Could use more padding on the armrests 

GTRACING ProSeries GT099 – Budget Pick

Budget Pick
GTRACING Pro Series GT099

The Pro Series GT099 is undoubtedly the most popular gaming chair in GTRACING's lineup, and for good reason. It gives you all the features you would expect from a classic racing style gaming chair at half the price of other brands.

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One of the most popular GTRACING models is their Classic Series GT099. This is the perfect chair for those who want to buy a gaming chair without spending hundreds of dollars. With the GT099, you get all of the benefits of gaming chairs such as a high backrest, lumbar and neck pillow, plush seat cushion, reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, and a rocking function. 

This chair is designed to accommodate individuals between 5’4 to 6’1 inches tall. It also supports up to 300 pounds in weight. Users can control their seating angle since the chair can recline anywhere from 90 to 170 degrees. At 170 degrees, you’re leaning far enough back to take a nap comfortably. It also has 2D armrests so your arms can adjust to the right height. 

One of my favorite aspects about this chair is the two half trapezoid-shaped holes located where the neck pillow is placed. These openings allow air to circulate throughout your back to keep you somewhat cool. Most PU leather gaming chairs won’t have any openings to help improve breathability. 


  • Very cheap, but still good quality 
  • Four different race car design themes to choose from 
  • Thick padded seat with lumbar cushion and headrest pillow for comfortable seating
  • Supports up to 300 lbs 
  • Reclines up to 170 degrees backward


  • PU leather can lead to heat buildup 

GTRACING Pro Series GT505 – Best Fabric

For those who prefer a more breathable chair with a delicate touch, the Pro Series GT505 is the best option among the GTRACING models. This chair uses a breathable mesh fabric throughout the chair to allow air to circulate in the tiny openings. Since the fabric is woven together, there are small pockets where air can pass through to keep gamers cool, even when sitting for long periods. 

The GT505 uses thick padding making it very comfortable to sit on. Other fabric upholstered gaming chairs can feel thin and wiry. Many users have reported those chairs to feel less comfortable. Their fabric material also absorbs perspiration and moisture, so that the chair will never get sticky. From our experience, we’ve found that the synthetic fibers are tightly woven ensuring that the material won’t tear or fray easily even after many years of use. 

In addition, to the fabric material, you get all of the other features that GTRACING models typically include. It has a wide range of backrest angles allowing users to adjust anywhere from 90 to 170 degrees in sitting position. You’ll be able to rock back and forth even at its max position of 170 degrees. The seat cushion is thickly padded for enhanced comfort. 


  • Soft fabric is very breathable compared to PU leather 
  • Seat padding is extra thick 
  • Backrest adjust up to 170 degrees in recline 
  • Headrest pillow and lumbar cushion is helpful to support lower back and neck 
  • Supports a weight of up to 300 lbs 


  • Seat can feel a little stiff 
  • Wheels are made of plastic 

GTRACING Pro Series GT901 – Best with Footrest

Best with Footrest
GTRACING Pro Series GT901

If you're someone who likes to kick back and put your feet up after a long gaming session, then the GTRACING Pro Series GT901is the perfect fit. It comes with a retractable footrest, which is a feature that you won't find in most gaming chairs at this price point.

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Footrests might seem like an unnecessary feature, especially for your gaming experience. However, it can provide massive benefits to your comfort and health. The GT901 chair offers a padded extendable footrest for users to kick their feet up and relax. When sitting for long periods, it can force you to sit with poor posture. Footrests help to reduce the chances of blood clots and varicose veins by elevating your legs. You’ll also never have the dead leg problem again! 

The GT901 also has quite a supportive base and metal frame. This helps the chair support up to 250 pounds. The combination of the extendable footrests and reclining feature of up to 170 degrees enables users to lay down and nap comfortably. You can choose to lock in the seat angle or use it’s rocking feature. 

In addition, you get other adjustment capabilities such as adjusting the seat height and armrests. This ensures you can get into a comfortable position to optimize your gameplay. What stands out about the GT901 is it’s smooth PU leather and thick padded cushion. The cushion is extremely plush and supple making it comfortable to sit on for hours at a time. 


  • Includes a padded extendable footrest to relax on 
  • Supports up to 350 lbs of weight 
  • Sleek all-black design similar to an executive leather chair 
  • Reclines up to 165 degrees and is height adjustable 
  • All around thick padded cushion for comfortable sitting or laying back 


  • The headrest pillow may feel stiff 

GTRACING Music Series GT890M – Best with Bluetooth Speakers

Best Bluetooth Speakers
GTRACING Music Series GT890M

The GTRACING Music Series GT850M comes fully equipped with Bluetooth speakers that can connect to devices including smartphones, tablets, game consoles and computers, making it ideal for people who prefer to game on console or without a headset.

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If you’re looking for a more immersive gaming experience the Music Series GT890M is the right choice for you. Most audio chairs are only included in console gaming chairs and not PC chairs. However, console chairs are engineered for console gameplay and not PC games. However, GTRACING has completely eradicated this problem. 

The GT890M offers a full surround sound system with two Bluetooth speakers that are able to connect to most devices such as your smartphone, tablet, computer, and gaming systems such as the Switch and PS4. Users can listen to music while sitting on their chairs. When listening to sound effects or gaming music, gamers can be immersed within the game and eliminate distractions such as outside noises. 

This chair doesn’t sacrifice quality either. It uses a premium high-density cold cure foam for all-day comfort. It is both supportive and thick padded to the structure of the cushion and relieves pressure along with key parts of your body. The GT890M also has a 3D adjustable armrest so you can position your arms in your desired position and has a large angle recline adjuster of up to 165 degrees. 


  • Includes surround sound system and Bluetooth speakers 
  • Can connect to your mobile device, PC, tablet to play your favorite music 
  • The seat reclines up to 170 degrees and has a rocking feature 
  • Thick padded seat made with high-density foam for comfort
  • Able to feel the music in your chair 


  • It May take a little while to assemble 

Choosing the Best GTRACING Gaming Chair for You (Buyer’s Guide)

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GTRACING makes high-quality gaming chairs at an affordable price. They offer a wide variety of racing style gaming chairs that are on par with some of the major brand names at a fraction of the price.

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Like most gaming chairs, GTRACING models are designed with a high back rest to support a person’s entire back, shoulders, neck, and head. The winged backrest that protrudes near the top of the backrest is aesthetically appealing, and also helps to maintain heat keeping your seat warm. It also adds a little more coverage and space for individuals who are bigger. Narrow backrests can feel uncomfortable to lean back on. 

Their gaming chairs also have a bucket seat design ideal for dispersing the weight evenly and relieving pressure on your buttocks, and legs. Additionally, they come with a highly contoured back that supports your spinal curve. The lumbar pillow helps users to sit in a healthy posture and the headrest pillow supports your neck. Everything about their design is made to help users feel comfortable and reduce pain from sitting for long hours. 

Their chairs also feature racing stripes or a two-toned color design. They come in a variety of bright colors for gamers to choose from. Gamers will find it easy to pick a color that matches with the interior design of their room. 


GTRACING gaming chairs have typical features such as reclining backrest, adjustable height, adjustable armrests, a detachable headrest and lumbar pillow, and a racing-style design. Depending on the model you get, you may get additional features. For example, the music series includes Bluetooth speakers that can connect to your smart devices to play music or sync with your gameplay. The Pro Series GT901 has a padded extendable footrest allowing you to lay back and rest on your breaks. 

Weight Capacity

GTRACING advertise that their chairs are able to support between 300 to 350 pounds. For example, the Ace Series M1 is specifically designed for big and tall people. Gaming chairs are notorious for having a low weight capacity and are unable to support tall people. Most standard sized gaming chairs have slim-fitting dimensions and are designed for individuals who are under six feet. Furthermore, the average weight capacity for gaming chairs is 250 pounds. 

Upholstery Material (PU Leather Vs Fabric)

GTRACING materials come in either PU leather or fabric material. Most of their chairs use PU leather, however, the GTRACING Pro Series GT505 uses fabric. Fabric chairs are usually made up of a combination of either polyester, cotton, linen, or mesh. 

Fabric materials tend to be much more breathable than PU leather because the material is woven which allows for tiny openings. The durability of fabric depends on the weave. Fabrics are more tightly weaved together and can withstand more beatings. Fabric chairs can also be comfortable and supportive, however, they don’t have the plush feeling of PU leather. In addition, one drawback with them is that spills and stains are much harder to clean. 

PU leather is an artificial style leather that is much cheaper to produce but still maintains the glossy look of genuine leather. One advantage of PU leather is that they’re quite immune to stains and spills. They can be removed by simply wiping the substance with a cloth. 

PU leather usually comes with aesthetic colors and designs since it’s made of synthetic material. They also tend to be smooth and are soft to sit on. One of the main drawbacks of PU leather is that it lacks breathability and is non-hypoallergenic. Heat can build up with PU leather causing users to sweat especially in warm conditions. For individuals with sensitive skin, the polyurethane coating may irritate a person’s skin.


We already know that GTRACING chairs are priced below most gaming chair brands. But which GTRACING chair should you choose? The price of their chairs varies based on the series you decide. The Classic chairs are usually the least expensive, the Pro series and Music series are mid-priced, while the Ace series is the most expensive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are GTRACING Gaming Chairs Good?

Compared to other inexpensive gaming chairs, GTRACING chairs are quite comfortable and include many ergonomic features. Sure, there may be a few shortcomings such as hard plastics used on certain parts like armrests. However, GTRACING chairs include many useful features like a backrest tilt of up to 170 degrees, a high backrest, detachable pillows to support your back, adjustable armrests, and comfortable high-density memory foam seat cushions to enhance your gaming experience during gameplay. 

They also offer different collections such as the Classic, Pro, Ace, and Music series designed for different types of users. The Pro Series is ideal for full-time gamers who enjoy all-around comfort. The Music Series is excellent for gamers who like a more immersive experience. And Ace chairs are great for larger individuals. 

What is the best GTRACING Gaming Chair?

Determining the best GTRACING gaming chair is largely based on a person’s individual preference. Based on customer feedback, we believe that their best gaming chair model is the Pro Series GT505. One of the biggest drawbacks of standard gaming chairs is the use of PU leather. PU leather can cause sweat and heat to build-up leaving the chair sticky. Sometimes PU leather can also feel stiff to sit on. 

The GT505 uses mesh fabric to keep you cool, while also maintaining a very soft and thick cushion to sit on. Other mesh fabric chairs tend to feel uncomfortable and wiry. In addition, the GT505 includes all of the other standard ergonomic features that the other models have. However, you can’t go wrong with any of the models listed. The Pro Series GT901 and the Music Series GT890M are also amazing options for gamers. 

How Long Do GTRACING Gaming Chairs Last?

Most GTRACING gaming chairs tend to remain in good shape within three to five years. The GTRACING brand guarantees a minimum of a one-year warranty across all of its products. However, chairs may break down over time due to many factors. This includes: drinking or eating spills, warm or heated conditions, animal claws, or excessive weight put on the chair. 

Do Gaming Chairs Make for Good Office Chairs?

Gaming chairs are more design-focused than office chairs. Typically, they include racing stripes and bright colors. Gaming chairs may not have as many adjustments, padding, or ergonomic features compared to office chairs. However, generally speaking, they are relatively comfortable and versatile enough to be used for both gaming and work purposes. 

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