What Gaming Chair Does Valkyrae Use?

Valkyrae Gaming Chair

She’s been called the content creator of the year for 2020, but you’ve been watching Valkyrae’s streams for years now. You greatly admire her for the strides she’s taken for women in gaming, and you’d love to own the same chair Valkyrae uses for all her streams. Which gaming chair is that?

Valkyrae currently uses the Mavix M9 gaming chair. Mavix is a brand-new gaming chair company that recently sponsored Valkyrae to help launch and represent their brand in November 2020.

I’m sure you want to learn all about this awesome new chair before the Mavix M9 becomes a household name thanks to Valkyrae. You’re in luck! In this post, I’ll cover the M9 in-depth, including its features and price. If you want a few alternatives to the M9, I’ll share some as well.

Who Is Valkyrae? Some Background Info

You’re very familiar with the awesomeness of Valkyrae, but for everyone else, here are the deets. Valkyrae was born Rachell Hofstetter on January 8, 1992, in Washington. Upon working part-time at GameStop while attending college, Hofstetter got the idea to begin her own gaming channel.

Her platform of choice was Instagram, but she quickly jumped onto Twitch. Valkyrae’s streams attracted attention after a short period, leading to her starting a YouTube channel. In 2018, Hofstetter participated in the Fortnite Pro-Am with Murda Beatz, a music producer.

The next year, she was a part of the Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am, this time partnering with Justin Jones of the Los Angeles Chargers. In 2019, Valkyrae also joined the Australian Open Fortnite Summer Smash.

Valkyrae is a 100 Thieves content creator, earning the distinction of being the first woman gamer to join the esports league. Hofstetter has become known as a huge proponent for women in gaming and will often join all-women teams in games like Fortnite when she can.

As of early 2020, Valkyrae left Twitch and now streams and uploads exclusively on YouTube, as the platform offered her a contract. She has 124 million views and 2.66 million subscribers per December 2020 data.  

Valkyrae’s Gaming Chair Features and Benefits

Now that we have that introduction out of the way, I’m sure you’re itching to learn more about Valkyrae’s favored gaming chair, the Mavix M9. Mavix is a newer brand that produces gaming chairs that combine aesthetics and ergonomics to a fantastic effect.

Here are the features and benefits of the M9.

Adjustability Galore

The M9 boasts what Mavix calls Future-9 functions, which are ergonomically-driven features for the chair. Many of these nine such functions are customizable adjustments. For instance, the five caster wheels of the M9 can lock in place so you stay safe and sound during your own streams.

You can also set the depth of the M9’s seat. That seat is designed wider at 22 inches to accommodate players of more sizes. 

Is the backrest of the M9 too low for you or perhaps too high? You can set the backrest height as needed so it better cradles your neck and back. If you find you crave even more lumbar-related features, the neck and head supports are adjustable as well. 

4D Armrests

Lots of office and gaming chairs these days come with 3D armrests, but far fewer have 4D adjustability. With the Mavix M9, you can pivot or arc the armrests so they’re the ideal height and depth for you. The armrests pivot two inches, and you can set the depth at two inches as well. The height of the armrests is 21 inches by default, but you can raise them to 22.75 inches. 

Cooling Foam Seat

During an especially intense stream, it’s easy to work up a sweat. Nothing is worse than when your gaming chair catches and holds onto all that perspiration. This makes you uncomfortable and creates a stink that doesn’t easily come out of the chair.

Not so with the M9. The Cool Gel M-Foam included in this chair and Mavix’s others have a memory foam base and a top layer made of M-Breeze fabric. Not only will you stay cooler for longer, but the memory foam molds to your body shape for a chair that fits you specifically. 

Advanced Recline

The Revolve technology built into the M9 allows for some pretty cool recline features. You can set the arc angle of the chair up to 127 degrees. Otherwise, you’re free to recline 150 degrees. If you feel like leaning back and even taking a little post-nap stream, the M9 is right there with you. 

Optional Footrest 

Do you ever sit in a gaming or office chair and wish you could have a footrest? Mavix understands that need, which is why you can choose to add a footrest when you order the M9. The footrest too has adjustments, including responsive angle changes for greater support. 


Mavix offers a warranty good for 12 years on the M9. They promise the quality of their Class 4 gas cylinders as well as the metal, plastic, foam, and mesh used to make this gaming chair.  

Where Can You Buy Valkyrae’s Chair?

Okay, you’re certainly interested in the Mavix M9, especially since it’s Valkyrae’s chair of choice. Where can you get your hands on one? 

Considering how new Mavix is as a company, at current, you can only buy the M9 on their website. Here’s the link again if you need it. 

That’s right, you can’t even get the M9 on Amazon, at least not yet. I’m sure once this chair grows in popularity that that will soon change! Stay tuned. 

How Much Does Valkyrae’s Chair Cost?

You don’t mind shopping through Mavix, but how much does the M9 cost? 

The chair retails for $999.99 before shipping. If you want the footrest, that’s an additional $44.44. 

Mavix does offer payments through Affirm, a consumer finance company. With Affirm, you’d pay $55.55 a month for about 17 months for the M9. 

Should You Buy Valkyrae’s Chair?

Now that you have all the facts, you’re probably very close to making a decision about whether you should buy Valkyrae’s gaming chair, the Mavix M9. Allow me to help by covering some of the upsides and downsides of this chair.

Lots of gamers use office chairs for long hours of playing. Mavix’s chairs are made for gaming. Sure, you can rely on them for other tasks, but these are gaming chairs through and through. Mavix’s team consists of gamers, so they understand the needs of other gamers.

That’s why you get such a wealth of adjustability features, including seat height and depth as well as neck and back support. I’d be remiss not to mention the 4D armrests, which can move in so many ways that you’ll be sure the armrests never get in the way of your gaming. 

The M9 doesn’t scrimp on ergonomics either, what with the wide seat and lumbar support features. You can stay comfy with the Cool Gel M-Foam and M-Breeze fabric so your streams feel light and airy. Also, that you can add a footrest is pretty great.

The exclusivity of the M9 is both an advantage and a disadvantage. Starting with the good first, of course, exclusivity will drive up demand for the M9, but its limited availability also makes it impossible to compare shopping options. 

I would say the biggest reason to consider the M9 is that it has Valkyrae’s backing. Much more so than just that, Mavix is relying on Valkyrae to bring their company into the spotlight. 

A second downside of the M9 is its price. For some gamers–especially those who are still reeling after buying the PS5–$1,000 is too much to spend on a gaming chair. 

Valkyrae Gaming Chair Alternatives

If you find yourself in the latter camp with a much tighter budget, don’t fret. As innovative as the Mavix M9 is, there are other gaming chairs out there like it. If you buy one of these chairs instead of the M9, you’ll still have a gaming chair like Valkyrae’s, just not an exact replica. 

Secretlab OMEGA

My first recommendation is the Secretlab Omega. Secretlab is another chair brand to pay attention to, and once you take a closer look at the Omega, you’ll understand why. 

Note that the Secretlab OMEGA is actually the chair that Valkyrae used for years before eventually switching to the Mavix M9. 

This gaming chair, new for 2020, has improved extra-large PU caster wheels. Despite their bigger and better size, don’t worry about these wheels squeaking or loudly rolling, as they’re quiet on a variety of floor types.  

The caster wheels are attached to the ADC12 wheelbase, which is built with sturdy aluminum. Gussets and ribs throughout reinforce the wheelbase for even greater strength. Just as durable are the Class 4 KGS gas pistons, which earned their certifications for safety through the ISO9001, SGS’s ANSI/BIFMA, and TUV LGA. 

If you’re wondering about adjustments, the Omega has no shortage of ‘em. A multi-tilt mechanism lets you set your chair at a customizable angle, which you can then lock. The backrest reclines like the M9 does so you can sit up straight or lean all the way back and take a snooze.

This is another chair with 4D armrests, which allow you to set the armrests down, up, backward, forward, at a right angle, at a left angle, or more simply, just right or left. The armrests are covered in a layer of PU material and are concave to keep your arms comfy for hours. 

Memory foam pillows, a Secretlab Signature product, are dense to support your body’s natural curves. A cooling gel layer atop the Head Pillow will allow you to play more without breaking a sweat, or at least without noticing. 

The rest of the OMEGA is covered in cold-cure foam mix, a Secretlab exclusive material that’s patent-pending. Atop the foam is PRIME 2.0 PU leather. Secretlab says their leather outshines standard PU leather in durability and flexibility. You can also order this chair with real NAPA leather or SoftWeave fabric.

The Secretlab OMEGA starts at $379 if you buy it directly from the manufacturer. Adding SoftWeave fabric increases the starting price to $399, and the NAPA leather-covered chair starts at $649. 

Raynor Ergohuman

Raynor Ergohuman

The Raynor Ergohuman Chair (formerly Eurtotech) is a premium high-back mesh office chair that features excellent support, breathability, and adjustment features. It's comparable to a Herman Miller Aeron at a much lower price.

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01/22/2021 03:19 am GMT

Another solid alternative to the Mavix M9 is the Raynor Ergohuman. This sleek gaming and office chair features nylon caster wheels and a robust base comprised of polypropylene and chrome. Even better is that most of the components, up to 97 percent, are recyclable!

The Ergohuman moves as you need it, with three different positions for the back angle as well as tilt locking once you find the perfect adjustment. You can also twist the included tension control to set the recline force. 

To lift your chair or lower it, pneumatic cylinders move quickly and quietly. Keep the adjustments coming with synchro-tilt, a mechanism for setting your seat depth. For further ergonomics, you have a headrest cushion as well as a back cushion. 

The Ergohuman costs around $700 and comes in colors such as black, blue, burgundy, copper, green, and gray. 

Staples Hyken Mesh Task Chair

STAPLES Hyken Task Chair

The Staples Hyken is a budget mesh ergonomic chair that offers solid build quality, adjustability, and comfort at an entry-level price.

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01/22/2021 04:17 am GMT

Last but certainly not least is the Staples Hyken Mesh Task Chair, another great alternative to Valkyrae’s chair. I’ve discussed this one a handful of times on the blog, but for under $200, it’s a great pick if your gaming chair budget is razor-thin.

Hyken’s casters work on carpet and hard floor without making noise. You have plenty of adjustments with this chair, including tilt lock, height adjustment, and tilt tension. Although the armrests aren’t 4D, you can adjust them individually, which is practically as good.

Despite that this chair is tall-backed, the Hyken features mesh throughout that prioritizes breathability. 


Valkyrae is one of the biggest female streamers, becoming YouTube-exclusive this year. Mavix, a new gaming chair company, is working with her to boost the popularity of their new chair, the M9. 

Mavix is a company of gamers for gamers, so their chair features all the breathability and adjustments any streamer would want. If the M9 exceeds your budget, you can always impress your friends and your streaming audience with some great alternatives to Valkyrae’s chair. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

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