What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use?

With his recent explosion in popularity as a video game streamer on Twitch and Mixer, Ninja’s Gaming chair has been a hot topic of discussion.

Many aspiring gamers and streamers are asking “What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use and where can I get one?”

If you are wondering which gaming chair the Ninja uses, you are not the only one.

Ninja’s Gaming Chair: The MAXNOMIC Dominator

So what gaming chair does Ninja use? Ninja’s gaming chair is a custom branded version of a Maxnomomic gaming chair by Need4Seat. His chair is an exclusive on-of-a-kind model, but is based on The Maxnomic Dominator version from their Pro-Gaming and Office line of gaming chairs.

In addition, since Ninja was a professional gamer who competed in tournaments, he has also used chairs from other brands, such as DXRacer, AKRacing, Techni and more.

In this article, we’ll take a deeper look at Ninja’s gaming chair including what it is, features and benefits, how much it costs and whether or not you should buy one.

If you were in the market for a new gaming chair for your setup and was considering picking up the same chair that Ninja uses on his stream, then keep reading!

Who is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins?: Some Background Info

You have most likely heard of Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. He is a popular professional eSports player and American Mixer Streamer. I simply think of him as the Ninja. He was raised in Grayslake, Illinois by his parents Cynthia and Chuck Blevins. I loved it when he had the starring role in 2016 in A Gamer’s Life. Nobody could have played the role of Ninja better than himself. 

Tyler’s father Chuck Blevins got his son interested in video games. In 2019, Ninja started playing Halo 3 professionally. He started playing for different teams including Renegades, Luminosity Gaming, Cloud9 and Team Liquid. In 2011, Ninja became a streamer for Justin.tv and then Twitch.tv. During the beginning of his early access program, he started playing H1Z1 with Steam.

When his early access program was entered by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Ninja played for them as well. I remember when he became a Halo player in 2017 with Luminosity Gaming, then he played H1Z1. He was the winner of the PUBG Gamescom Invitational for the 3rd Person Squads classification. Once Ninja’s viewership started increasing, he started streaming Fortnite on a regular basis.

I do not believe the increase in the popularity of Fortnite during this time was a coincidence since Ninja had more than 5000,000 followers by September of 2017. I was not surprised when this number increased by 250 percent within six months. The Twitch.tv record was set by Ninja in March of 2018 for a single individual stream. This happened when he was playing Fortnight after hosting a game.

The game included Drake, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Travis Scott. When Drake broke his viewing record in April of 2018, I was impressed. This happened during his 2018 Ninja Vegas event. His audience had more than 667,000 live viewers. I am delighted to admit I was one of them. You may be one of his 21 million YouTube subscribers or interested in knowing he is the second most subscribed streamer on Twitter.

Ninja was passed in January of 2019 by Tfue, a fellow Fortnite streamer. On June 17th of 2018, the announcement was made Ninja had become a partner with Red Bull eSports. An exclusive contract was signed between Ninja and Microsoft on August 1st of 2019 for his streaming platform. This was when Ninja left Twitch to exclusively stream on Mixer.

Ninja’s Maxnomic Gaming Chair Features & Benefits

Ninja's Gaming Chair
MAXNOMIC Dominator

The MAXNOMIC Dominator is a premium racing style gaming chair by one of the most reputable gaming chair manufacturers out there, Need4Seat. It's high-quality PU leather upholstery, ergonomics, and adjustment features make it ideal for any office or gaming setup.

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You have probably asked what chair does Ninja use, and maybe even wondered why gaming chairs have become so popular.

In short, Ninja uses a customized version of the Maxnomic Dominator Chair. His chair is one-of-a-kind with his custom colors and branding on it. While you can’t get your hands on his exact model, if you want to buy your own version of Ninja’s gaming chair, you can start with the Maxnomic Dominator and customize the specifications to your liking on Need4Seats’s website.

I was only 17 when I bought my very first gaming setup. I saved my money for months because I wanted the very best gaming chair I could find. You may be wondering why I was willing to spend so much money on a chair but I had a lot of really good reasons.

My dad is a doctor, and he told me the human body was never meant to remain in a chair for 10 hours without the opportunity to move around. He recommended I get a gaming chair that was beneficial for my health and I listened. You may not realize spending a lot of time gaming in the wrong chair can lead to health complications for the rest of your life such as torque on your back or wrist and even spinal injuries.

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you need a gaming chair with good lumbar support. This is what will protect you from complications in the future. This is one of the many reasons I like the Maxnomic gaming chair so much. The back of the chair is tall and straight-up. This will help prevent you from having any issues with your back in the future.

When I bought my first gaming chair, the options were a lot more limited than they are now. The increase in maneuverability is amazing. I believe one of the most critical aspects for any gamer is a proper backrest. I wondered what chair Ninja uses several times  myself. I understand his preference perfectly because this chair lets me move my arms around without any obstruction.

I also found I do not get tired as easily. There is no doubt in my mind this chair will provide you with optimal productivity throughout all of your gaming time. I also want to mention how incredibly comfortable this chair is. I have spent eight hours sitting in an office chair. The result was a stiff neck and a sore back. There is no way I could sit in an office chair for ten or more hours every day.

The best part is the Maxnomic chair was designed specifically for gamers like you and me. You can adjust the seat perfectly when you enter the gaming world. The chair is extremely supportive and the materials are going to last. The chair is so durable, if you maintain it properly your seat can last for a maximum of five years. This means you can put finding a new seat on the back burner for quite a while.

The Maxnomic gaming chair was designed specifically to withstand the G-force of a gamer all day long. You will have a hard time wearing out this chair. Not only is this chair really cool looking and incredibly comfortable, but the practical benefits are sensational. You may or may not know if you remain seated in the same position hour after hour, the toll may start to show on your body.

You can end up with heart issues and chronic back pain. This is the reason gaming chairs have been designed to provide you with good posture while supporting your back muscles. If your posture is poor, your back muscles can weaken resulting in chronic pain in your back. When your posture improves, so does your blood circulation. This can improve or prevent issues with your heart in the future.

The Maxnomic seat back reclines a full 49 degrees for exceptional comfort. You can also tilt it forward seven degrees. The Five different positions for tilting the seat are excellent. I can always find a comfortable position when I am gaming. I also like being able to adjust the different pressure levels from the backrest with the simple turn of a knob.

The armrests have adjustable widths, heights, positioning and tilt angles you are going to love. I have no difficulties moving my chair. My Maxnomic gaming chair even shows Ninja’s color scheme and logo.

How Much Does Ninja’s Gaming Chair Cost?

Ninja's Gaming Chair
MAXNOMIC Dominator

The MAXNOMIC Dominator is a premium racing style gaming chair by one of the most reputable gaming chair manufacturers out there, Need4Seat. It's high-quality PU leather upholstery, ergonomics, and adjustment features make it ideal for any office or gaming setup.

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One thing to keep in mind when determining how much Ninja’s gaming chair cost is that it is a one-of-a-kind model.

As previously mentioned, this is a custom designed gaming chair by Maxnomic with Ninja’s logo, colors, and branding.

That said, we can approximate cost of his chair to be between $600 – $800.

Also, Keep in mind the chair was designed with numerous specific features including the reclining and tilting seatback, the different seat tilt positions and full adjustability.

While you can’t purchase Ninja’s gaming chair directly from the manufacturer, Need4Seat has stated that it is just a modified version of their Maxnomic Dominator Series chair.

So if you were looking to buy a chair similar to the one Ninja uses, then this would be your best bet.

The base model of the chair costs $379, but offers several customization options that increase the over price of the chair.

Should You Buy Ninja’s Gaming Chair?

As previously mentioned, since you can’t actually buy Ninja’s exact gaming chair, we’ll be talking about the Maxnomic Dominator for all intense and purposes.

Ninja Gaming Setup

Overall, if you’re in the market for a stylish new chair for your gaming setup, then Ninja’s gaming chair is a great option.

The color and customization options available are excellent, meaning you’ll have a chair that meets your exact body type.

A good gaming chair should satisfy all of your specific needs, including weight, body type, adjustment features, and overall aesthetic. The more customization options you have at the purchase screen, the more likely you are to receive a chair that checks all of the right boxers.

The main purpose of a gaming chair is to protect your health and posture. You should be able to make any adjustments you want while remaining seated for long periods of time without becoming uncomfortable or tired. When I get really tired, my back starts to hurt and I have a hard time concentrating. A loss of concentration is death in the gaming world.

If you think you can get all of this in an office chair, I will have to disagree. Another key difference in gaming chairs in addition to more adjustability is the appearance. The design of gaming chairs is incredibly sharp with gorgeous, flashy colors. You may already realize the importance of aesthetics and colors in gaming chairs. Think about the streaming process in the gaming world.

The majority of streamers have a window in their stream so you can see them and their room while they are gaming. The aesthetics of a bucket style seat in bright colors is definitely noticeable. I like to think of a gaming chair as the business suit of a professional gamer. The Ninja gaming chair is worth purchasing because it offers you everything a gamer needs.

As a gamer, I spend a lot of time in my gaming chair. I need something with a solid build, comfortability and a healthy sitting position. There are specific features I believe are necessary for every gaming chair. The Maxnomic checked every single box. This includes the armrest, rocking mechanism, height adjustability, backrest tilt and enticing appearance.

My gaming chair is the equivalent of the sword I use for fighting battles in the gaming universe. If you are a gamer, you need a gaming chair with all of the most important qualities. I believe the optimal solution is the Maxnomic gaming chair.

Ninja Gaming Chair Alternatives

In general, gaming chairs have exploded in popularity over the past few years. There are hundreds of different gaming chair models and manufacturers out there.

If Ninja’s exact style of gaming chair isn’t your cup of tea, there are a ton of different options for you to explore.

I have gathered a list of several of my favorite alternatives to the Maxnomic gaming chair that Ninja uses.

Hopefully, you’ll be able to find a chair the fits your specific needs.

DX Racer Racing Series

Best overall
DXRacer Racing Series

DXRacer is one of the most popular gaming chair brands out there. It offers adjustable armrests, tilt-rocking capability, angular backrest adjustment, and Height adjustment.

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01/22/2021 11:30 pm GMT

The DXRacer series was created for gamers who want to live life in the fast lane. This particular version is a bigger model of one of the best selling F-Series chairs. The backrest is wider and taller to better accommodate users with a larger build. The Racing series features a cold cure, high-density foam filling to ensure comfort when you are gaming for a long period of time.

The Racer series offers you excellent stability due to the comfortable armrests, metal star base and tubular steel frame. The chair provides an adjustable cushion for lumbar support and an integrated headrest. You can use the angle adjuster to lower your seat by degrees for long gaming sessions or a power nap. The Racer series is about comfort. The new base is constructed using exceptionally strong nylon material.

This material has more strength than steel. At a price of $299, this gaming chair was made to last. The ergonomic design is both comfortable and efficient including a lumbar cushion and a headrest cushion. The material is breathable with a PU cover and strong mesh. The backrest is extra high to save your back and neck. The seatback is adjustable, and your wrist and shoulder are protected by the 3D straight armrests.

The base is nylon, styled to the latest design with a 24-month warranty for parts and a lifetime warranty for the frame.

GTRACING Racing Style Gaming Chair

Budget pick
GTRACING Gaming Chair

The GTRacing gaming chair offers everything you would expect from a high-end racing style gaming chair at less than half the price of the other premier brands.

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01/22/2021 11:30 pm GMT

For those of you who want a racing style gaming chair like the one that Ninja uses, but don’t want to break the bank, then the GTRACING gaming chair is an excellent choice.

This gaming chair is an excellent budget gaming chair, offering everything you would expect from a typical racing style chair at a fraction of the cost of the other major brands, such as MAXNOMIC and DXRacer.

It features a high quality PU leather upholstery, adjustable armrests and stylish color options. While the durability and quality of the materials on this chair might not be as amazing as some of the higher priced option on the market, this chair still packs a lot of punch for the price. It’s ergonomic, comfortable and looks amazing.

AK Racing Core Series EX

Best fabric
AKRacing Core Series EX

The AKRacing is one of the best fabric gaming chairs offering excellent comfort and premium materials, while still keeping the price relatively low.

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01/22/2021 11:30 pm GMT

For more information, check out our full AKRacing Gaming Chairs Review

The baseline gaming chair of AKRacing is the Core EX Series. In comparison to the more expensive models, you will not find many frills included with this gaming chair. The price for this sturdy and very comfortable chair is $329. You can lay your chair back with some handy adjustments. The design is a little different than any of the other gaming chairs I have seen.

As opposed to the fairly typical polyurethane leather, this chair is upholstered. The fabric is similar to a mesh-type polyester. Despite being a little rougher than polyurethane leather, I like the feel of the fabric. This is a nice alternative if you do not care for the feel of leather. This also makes the gaming chair a lot less expensive than many of the other options.

The Core EX has a very similar build to many of the other AKRacing gaming chairs. The sides, seat and backrest are constructed using a metal skeleton and thick foam padding. Most of the dense padding is on the chair surfaces you come into contact with directly. Other than the padding around the actual frame, the back of the chair is hollow.

The design is both supportive and dense, although I have seen numerous gaming chairs with a lot more foam. The Core EX provides more support for larger gamers. There is a 330-pound maximum weight capacity. The seat is also wider than numerous gaming chairs to provide you with an extra layer of comfort.

For more recommendations similar to this, check out our full guide on the Best Fabric Gaming Chairs

The Bottom Line

Ninja uses a Maxnomic gaming chair manufactured by one of the leading brands for gaming chairs, NeedforSeat. This was one of the first brand companies offering gaming chairs in 2006. I like NeedforSeat because gaming chairs are available for every type of gamer from casual to full-time streamers and everything in between. NeedforSeat chairs have been used by a lot of the best Twitch streamers and in numerous Esports competitions.

Not only have I personally tested the Maxnomic gaming chair, but I was so impressed by both the comfort and quality, I actually purchased the chair for my personal use. This is the most comfortable, maneuverable chair I have ever used. I admit I spend a lot of time gaming and the health benefits won me over.

I highly recommend this chair for beginner, intermediate and advanced gamers and full-time streamers. Once you purchase your Maxnomic gaming chair, you will not have to worry about a replacement for a very long time.

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